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10 Great Google Chrome Apps You Should Check Out


Remember this post? Google Chrome has free and paid apps that can boost your productivity and ultimately give you a  good experience of the browser. Below, you’ll see a lost originally compiled by Efytimes Network which can be useful to you.

1. AudioSauna

AudioSauna is a free suite of apps that bring awesome music tools. AudioSauna has intuitive user-interface. You can create, mix and loop music with AudioSauna.

2. Weatherbug

Weatherbug is an excellent standalone weather app for Chrome. The app provides accurate local current conditions, forecast and fast weather alerts. 

3. LastPass

LastPass helps you remember your online account passwords. The tool solves the tedious job of remembering passwords. You can also use this app as password locker. It helps you generate strong passwords and automatically save it in secure locker. The free app supports multiple browsers and systems.

4. Plotly

Plotly helps you create beautiful tabular graphs and bar charts. You can easily build line graphs, bar charts, heatmaps, histograms, box plates and more using Plotly. The free app helps you share graphs online, presentation or to social media accounts.

5. Pixlr Touchup

Pixlr Touchup is easy to use photo editing tool. You can easily crop, resize, rotate, adjust color, add effects of pictures using Pixlr Touchup. The app is not as advanced as photoshop but it is good enough for basic tweaking of photographs.

6. Pocket

The popular read-it-later software tool, Pocket has great Chrome tool that can be used to save articles, videos and pictures for later offline viewing. Pocket automatically syncs across all your devices.

7. UntilAM

UntilAM is full-fledged DJ setup. This lightweight packaged app turns your PC into own DJ turntable. You can use MP3 tracks from your PC or any other online format and load it in UntilAM.

8. Gmail Offline

This is extended offline tool to view your Gmail. It comes very handy when you don’t have stable internet connection. The extension syncs your Gmail account whenever you are online, you can access your emails when you are not connected to the internet.

9. Telegram

Telegram is a free application that acts similar to many other messengers. The cloud-based messaging app lets you chat with your friends across any device.

10. Plex

Plex app for Chrome helps you organise, stream and share your movies, videos and other media stores in your Plex media server. You can stream your media to Plex app on Chrome or any other device.

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