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13 Websites And Apps Essential To Digital Nomad Success


Top Business Technology Trends for 2017 by jdsecurity.com.au

Traveling and exploring the world for longer periods of time is becoming more possible with the rise of telecommuting and entrepreneurship, and millennials are taking full advantage. While being a reality for many, many who also worry about how they can stay in touch and on top of work and family communication. Fortunately technology is making it pretty simple. The intelligent digital nomad empowers themselves using these apps and websites to successfully communicate and manage production while traveling.


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an important addition to any digital nomad’s arsenal. Those working remote from distant locations take more risk of security breaches. VPNs act as a funnel to send information directly to the desired location. These programs:

  • Encrypt your data.
  • Blur your physical location as well as your IP address.
  • Will not log your online activity.
  • Allow you to bypass censorship blocks.


The AirBNB site uses verified testimonials of previous visitors to the area to find you safe, relaxing, and manageable housing in every part of the world. On the website, you use filters to see the place you feel is the most reliable for your visit.


Skyscanner tracks available flights from nearly anywhere to anywhere. The site compares flight prices, local currency value, car rentals, and much more. You can use Skyscanner to search prices for an entire month to find the best prices at the best times.


Workfrom stores information from other nomads to advise you of the best places to go for a good work space. Workfrom saves you the time you would typically expend searching out your workspace.

Anytime Mailbox

Anytime Mailbox allows you to set up a virtual digital mailbox for your mail delivery where the mail is opened and scanned by validated technicians. You can read your letter remotely through any of your digital devices freeing you of the necessity of physical presence to do your business.


WhatsApp is a convenient and free messaging app used around the world by travelers to keep in touch. The app communicates through WIFI connectivity and avoids the risk of Cellular data exposure. With WhatsApp, you can send messages, images, and digital maps. The app allows travelers to initiate or receive local or international calls with end-to-end encryption for secure communication.


Most digital nomads operate as a part of a team. They stay remote from any office. Slack is a communication program that enables visual meetings between teammates. With the secure environment, Slack provides, teammates around the world can communicate, participate in meetings, and initiate or change directions as a group.


Zoom is the essential video conferencing tool for the traveler. With Zoom, you can bring in as many visitors as you need to talk over problems, come to a consensus, or find a sense of direction for a new project.


Duolingo is the app to turn to when you are visiting a part of the world where you do not understand the language. Duolingo engages you in a game-like environment for language lessons. The website currently teaches you important sentence structures and word usage in over ten languages. Spanish is the language most visited, Vietnamese the least. The site uses images as teaching prompts to translate words and phrases. An audio connection with the site provides enunciation and articulation experience for you as you travel. Duolingo teaches you that learning languages can be fun.

Google Translate

Google translate allows you to download over 50 language translation modules. After the initial download, you do not need an Internet connection as the module attaches to your mobile device. With Google Translate you can translate words, phrases, and even sentences used by the indigenous people while you are amongst them.



Storing materials on your desktop or your laptop is a risk. Computers break down, lose memories and are stolen or lost. Dropbox lets you store your documents and your photos on the cloud. Using Dropbox provides a duplicate of all your production under secured conditions.


Google Apps

Downloading Google Apps allows you to access the full array of Google applications. Everything from Google Docs with which you can create your documents and store them in the cloud, to Google trips with which you can plan your moves from one place to another allow you the freedom to explore while working.


Fiverr operates as a talent center for freelancers. If you have a skill that is in demand, no matter what type of industry in which that skill may be, Fiverr is the place for you to advertise your abilities. Many employers visit Fiverr to find remote workers for their business. Conversely, if you are in a remote area and need someone with expertise in a given field, Fiverr is the place to find the person you need.

Remote OK

Remote OK is a jobs advertisement house. Employers post job opportunities on Remote OK that can be serviced from a remote location. If you are out and about and looking for some paying work, Remote OK may be the right place for you to visit.

With these apps and websites in hand, the digital nomad becomes the virtual road warrior. When transportation, accommodation, and communication requirements are met, the work environment becomes much less complicated.

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