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15 Great Chrome Browser Tricks You Can Try


To get the best of your Google Chrome browser, try these 15 great and harmless tricks. As you know Google Chrome is  the most used browser. 

1. Pin Tab – By choosing this option, you can minimize the tab to display just the icon. If you have multiple tabs opened then the feature is of great help as the Tab title shows just the icon and takes only little real estate.

2. Display Home Button – Chrome does not show the ‘Home’ button in the toolbar. You can click on the ‘Wrench icon’ on the right-hand corner of the browser for getting the “Customize” option for Chrome browser -> Preferences (or Options) -> Select the check-box for “Show home button in toolbar”

3. Omnibox – The URL address bar in Chrome browser is not just for entering your URL. You can simply type the keyword you wish to search for and press enter. This can also be used for doing calculations or conversions.

4. Incognito – Secret Mode – This is meant for private browsing, wherein Chrome does not record your browsing history, download history. Cookies that may have been stored during the incognito mode are deleted at the time of closing the browser. Incognito can be launched by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N, (or) Settings -> New incognito Window, (or) right mouse-click on a link from a regular Chrome session, and select “open link in incognito window”.

5. Reopening Recently Closed tab – A tab that is closed in error can be reopened by pressing Ctrl + Shift + T, (or) right mouse-click on the empty area in the title-bar -> and select “Reopen closed tab”.

6. Chrome:// commands – There are many about commands that you can type in the address bar.

7. Task Manager – This displays the memory and CPU usage of the Chrome browser that is broken down by every Tab. In case you have many Tabs opened, and your system is slow, you can use the task manager to find out, which Tab is responsible for the issue. You can right click on empty space in the title bar and select “Task manager”, (or) Press Shift + escape key to launch

8. Changing Search Engine in the Omnibar – Once you type “amazon” in the address bar and press “Tab”, it will change the address bar to “Search amazon.com.” Any keyword that is typed post this will be searched in the amazon.com and will direct you to amazon.com website.

9. Opening a link at a specific Tab Location – For doing this you need to hold the link, drag it and drop it as a specific tab location. You can see a small arrow when you drag and drop the link.

10. Carrying your Chrome Settings with You – When using many computers, you can setup your bookmarks, extensions, themes, settings, etc, on your Chrome browser on one computer, and select “Sign in to Chrome” from the settings menu. Once you have entered your Google username and password, it will save all your chrome settings on your Google account.

11. Dragging and Dropping Downloaded file – After downloading a file, you can just drag and drop the file to your Windows explore, or any other file browser that is being used by you on your system.

12. History – You can press Ctrl-H, or go to Customize -> History, for launching the history window. You can conduct searches for a specific website from your history, delete all your history, or delete only selected items from your history.

13. Make a Shortcut of the Current Tab – For creating a shortcut to the website that is being currently viewed, you need to go to Customize -> Tools -> Create application shortcuts.

14. Navigating Between Tabs Quickly –
• Use Ctrl+Tab to navigate Tabs one by one
• Press Ctrl-1 to go to 1st Tab
• Press Ctrl-2 to go to 2nd Tab
• ..
• Press Ctrl-9 to switch to the last Tab

15. Resizing TextArea – You can resize a textarea that is seen on any website. You can only resize the textarea and not a textbox. At the bottom right corner of the textarea, you can see two slanted lines. By using the mouse you can hold this, and drag it to resize the textarea on the screen.

The list was compiled by Efytimes

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