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18 Free E-Books On Software Engineering!


Are you a student in software engineering? Are you looking for places to learn the concepts of software engineering? Well, these 18 free ebooks will help you master various concepts of software engineering in no time!

Addison Wesley Extreme Programming Explained

Addison Wesley Extreme Programming Explored

Addison Wesley Extreme Programming Installed

Addison Wesley Object Oriented System Development

Addison Wesley Planning Extreme Programming

Addison Wesley Refactoring Improving the Design of Existing Code

B.W.Kernighan R.Pike The Practice of Programming

Design Patterns And Frameworks For Object Oriented Communication Systems

Design Patterns Elements Of Reusable Object Oriented Software

Design Patterns Explained

Morgan Kaufmann Publishing Object Oriented Construction Handbook

O.Nierstrasz D.Tsichritzis Object Oriented Software Composition

Object Oriented Software Construction

Pattern Oriented Software Architecture Volume

Practical Guide Testing Object Oriented Software

Prentice Hall Object Oriented Software Composition

Software Engineering How To Design Programs

What is Software Testing


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