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Android Usage Now Tops 2 Billion Globally, 500 Million More Than Windows


Google revealed at its 2017 I/O developer conference that Android has now crossed the 2 billion mark and this means 2 billion active devices now run Google’s mobile operating system according to Google CEO Sundar Pichai. The figure is up 100 percent from June 2014 and 25 percent up since September 2015.

While Google’s other services like YouTube, Search, Map and Play have all crossed the one billion milestone, only Android has crossed 2 billion and as Sundar Pichai puts it, “It’s a privilege to serve users on this scale”.

But here’s why this is significant, a report came out in April saying Android has now overtaken Windows to become the most used operating system on the internet. About 1.5 billion computers run Windows worldwide and with Android’s push into emerging markets, the margin is only set to get wider. We can’t exactly say Facebook has its own operating system but putting in terms of users, Android even supposes the 1.94 billion users Facebook reported at its last financial earnings report.

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