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200 Million WhatsApp Users Could Be Vulnerable To This Newly Discovered Bug


Two months ago, a messaging bug discovered in Android left about 95% of users vulnerable. There’s a new one and this time it’s for Facebook’s WhatsApp. A security from Check Point warned that up to 200 million of the over 800 million WhatsApp users could be at risk. This flaw allows hackers to distribute malware (ransomware inclusive) that demands that a user pay some fee to regain access to their files. All hacker needed to do was to send a virtual business card and once opened, the malicious code is sent. The simple way of doing this was to know tthe target’s phone number. It was that simple.

Usually, the security companies alert the concerned application builders who in turn fix the problem. WhatsApp is not different as they say they have patched the problem. WhatsApp has over 200 million users of its web app.

It may have been fixed but I still urge vigilance.

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