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Microsoft Has Acquired Nuance, An AI Company In A $16b Deal https://t.co/PFnxJRGcIj via @techbooky https://t.co/20hZuVbJWU
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Samsung’s Prototyped Galaxy OS Exclusively Entices iPhone Users — A Game Over As scheme https://t.co/kY2kbGRFLI via… https://t.co/nw6hKbzrAz
2 days ago
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Infographic: Latest Futuristic Technology Gadgets For 2019


The iDevices of the Apple are of course compatible with Bluetooth technology. But they do not support the APT-X codec (wireless broadcast in near CD quality), nor the NFC standard (simple pairing and connection by simple contact).

This could have been a problem if the iPod / iPad / iPhone did not have the Airplay protocol.

Fortunately, No Fluff Tech they are, and this is the technology we prefer for iDevices! Airplay has the advantage of being a high-quality broadcast mode, with no loss – or almost. Indeed, the audio stream is encoded in ALAC (lossless format) then transmitted without compression to the receiver.

For Android Devices

Wireless speakers compatible with Android For an Android smartphone (Xperia, Galaxy)

Several possibilities exist. If the NFC intervenes only in the comfort of use (the connection by contact is practical), it is not the case of the APT-X, which directly influences the sound quality.

With the Bluetooth APT-X, have is very close to a quality CD, i.e. 44kHz on 16 bits. This makes it possible to broadcast audio tracks in FLAC or WAV without much damage, and MP3s, without any loss.

An APT-X Bluetooth speaker can be a well-felt solution! Alternatively, opt for DLNA. Most Android devices are DLNA compatible .and it would be a shame to miss out on this very qualitative broadcast protocol. If you have a lot of HD audio files, then consider the DLNA speaker.

For Other Systems …

Speakers without its compatible Mac. PC, and tablets / smartphones under Windows. Recent Windows Phones are able to support the DLNA protocol, as are Windows 8 (RT or Pro) tablets.

So, you can easily opt for a DLNA speaker. In parallel, one thing is clear: the vast majority of connected smartphones, tablets and players are compatible with Bluetooth speakers: if you have several devices with different operating systems, or if your family has a heterogeneous hardware, then play the card of universality by opting for Bluetooth! And if your hardware is compatible,
both go on a Bluetooth APT-X speaker. In parallel, if you have aMac / PC computer connected to the network and equipped with iTunes, you can then use an Airplay Speaker! Finally, if your Mac / PC is simply connected to the home network, without iTunes, opt for a DLNA Speaker: your PC is necessarily compatible …


Wireless Hi-Fi Speakers

A Wireless Speaker In Hi-Fi?

Wireless Hi-fi speakers can compete with their wired cousins! The Hi-fi wireless speakers have won the hearts of audiophiles, thanks to sound performance that often have nothing to envy their cousins wired … No wonder, since the best wireless speakers are from manufacturers with long experience of the High Fidelity. We think of Dynaudio but also of KEF. Advance Acoustic, and of course Focal. The Hi-Fi wireless speakers are all equipped with amplification, the power of which is perfectly adapted to the capacities and the needs of the loudspeakers. integrated. These are also very high quality, as well as those equipping the speaker’s Hi-Fi classics. Wireless speakers adopt a wide variety of technologies, to best meet your needs, while ensuring a sound reproduction irreproachable.


Bluetooth Hi-Fi Speakers APT-X

APT-X Bluetooth Hi-fi Speakers

For example, to stream music contained on a smartphone or tablet, it is preferable, for simplicity, a Hi-fi wireless speaker compatible with Bluetooth APT-X. The pairing is fast, and you can easily juggle between its different devices (smartphone, tablet, compatible computer). The sound quality is here equivalent to that found on our good old Audio CD.

Hi-Fi Speakers With Hub

Hub operation on some wireless speaker systems. If you want to wirelessly stream music from your other audio sources (CD player, TV, turntable) then it may be interesting to take a look at the speakers offering a Hub. This Hub will allow you to connect all your audio sources, and will distribute them directly to the wireless speakers associated with it (proprietary protocols mostly using the 2.4 and 5GHz bands). The sound quality may exceed that of the CD.


DLNA / Airplay Hi-Fi Speakers

Airplay Speakers, Wi-Fi And DLNA

Finally, there are also wireless Hi-fi speakers in Wi-Fi, which can support the music contained on compatible devices connected to the same network. It can be an Android smartphone, a NAS (via DLNA), an iPhone, a MacBook (via Airplay). The possibilities are many! Often, there is a connection to connect digital sources, such as a USB port or Optical input.

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