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Top 5 Web Hosting Trends You Should Look Out For In 2020


Whether you are launching an eCommerce website or a normal website, the first thing you need to make sure that you provide your site with a good web hosting platform. It is necessary to have a reliable source of the web hosting plan so that your audiences can get access to your website anytime and from anywhere without facing any hassle.

Web hosting trends are the improvements that are made in the web hosting platform for better user experiences and customer satisfaction. These improvements provide ways for webmasters to develop the most complete websites that are fast with secure connections, and improved downtime.

With innovation and technology becoming more efficient, there are various trends that webmasters must take into consideration for improving their web hosting experience.

Withy that being in the let’s curate some of the web hosting trends of 2020.

  1. Cloud technology

We all know about how cloud technology. Cloud technology is now also used in the web hosting platform. As we know that cloud technology does not have any physical presence. Instead, it stores data across a network of multiple computers. Much like a normal computer, it is not bound by the storage limitation.

After the addition of cloud technology in the web hosting platform, web hosting has become much more affordable as it does not really require any server to do so. All the data are stored in a virtual server and can be pulled out from them whenever you need them.

In the web hosting industries, cloud hosting has played a very important role in providing web hosting to the audiences who could not afford the normal web hosting. Cloud hosting has been the game-changer in the web hosting industry. Today, most of the companies are providing this hosting.

  1. Hosting security protocol

The primary concern of the companies having an eCommerce website is the security of their online data and information. Web hosting platforms took advantage of that need by providing personal security to those kinds of websites. This security can melt down the external security breach and data violation.

Hosting security protocol is the most awaited trend in the web hosting industry because it protects the company from the external cyber-attack and helps to keep all their data safe and secure.

[Note: It is very important to go for the local host as it also does the work by being under the national privacy regulation.]

  1. Green hosting

If you are in the web hosting industry then you must know what impact the web hosting giving on the environment. For your kind information, the annual out CO2 by using the internet is like driving 31 million cars at once. That how big of an impact we are giving to the environment. You must be thinking about how is that possible. Then let me remind you of something. There are centres all around the world that are maintaining such an advanced networking system and everything is being done via internet connection.

And one the other hand we are also using gadgets for the process. With longer usage of these devices, these devices heat up. Hence, you need an extremely cool place to store them. This cool place will surely be using coolers and air conditioners. Hence, there an output of CO2 in the environment.

Fortunately, web hosting realized how big the impact can be, and now they are turning to eco-friendly ways of providing web hosting services. They are doing this by going the certificate of Renewable energy Certificates (REC) and Carbon Offset Certificates (VER).

RECs certificate signifies that the companies are helping to generate a renewable source of energy. And on the other hand, VERs certificates signify that the companies are helping in removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

  1. Price competition

With the rise in the demand of the web hosting site, the price spike is also in the arise. The web hosting industries are getting heated up day by day. Hence, with the competition rising higher and higher, web hosting platforms are also using the price as one of their strategies for attracting audiences. With the security and the features, the price has also become one of the important assets for the companies.

While building up the site, the price may vary on the features you are going to implement on your website. This where every company is reducing its hosting price so that the audiences choose them instead of their rivals.

In web hosting, there are different price scheme that offers different levels of features and security. Shared web hosting is the cheapest and dedicated web hosting is costliest one out there. These prices even may vary on what kind of security features you are using.

  1. HTTPs as a norm

In July 2018, Google started marking all the websites with the HTTP as the Not Secure Server. According to the norm, a website must have SSL security that HTTPS in its URL to be qualified as a secure server. Google chrome also promised the sites having an SSL security with the ranking boost. Hence, after knowing that if you are not shifting your site to the HTTPS, then you are missing out on the opportunity to improve your website rankings.

When you are talking about SSL security and how it can improve your site performance. Here are the positive effects of having SSL security.

  • It boosts your website rankings
  • With the high ranking, it builds up customer trusts
  • And more importantly, it protects your data from outside threats.



Web hosting is a dynamic field. A lot can happen in a given span of time. So, it is very important to keep on track of the new trends that always arise from the needs of the audiences.

All the trends that I have mentioned above are all the cutting-edge technology that you are going to see in web hosting industries in 2020.


Author bio:

Ariana Smith is a passionate blogger. She loves to share her thoughts, ideas and experiences with the world through blogging. Ariana smith is associated with Follow The Fashion & Online News Buzz.

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