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21st Century Technologies Says It Will Address ICT Challenges In Nigeria


It’s no news that Nigeria is way behind in socioeconomic development, much less in technology.  With the major problems been power and energy infrastructure, small scaled entrepreneurs and business struggle to survive. In fact, the major reason why many startups cannot thrive is due to the constant interrupted power supply without prior notice. If this issue is resolved to a level where every town and cities, (regardless of the state) can benefit, the issue of having congested cities may be resolved.

As reported by The Punch, 21st Century Technologies Limited, an indigenous local Information Technology company “has reviewed its operations in order to solve some of the country’s toughest challenges” through Mr Waje Ajisebutu, the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

He noted that certain problems have significantly affected the growth of the country in a negative light and these issues need to be addressed within the speed of light. Among these problems which have held the country hostage include: power and energy infrastructure, food, security and agriculture, wealth creation and employment, mass transportation, land reforms, security and education.

Mr. Ajisebutu revealed that the tech firm has developed solutions to address the different challenges to create a better atmosphere for the country. He said:

“Central to all these are tailor-made solutions to address these challenges; they are  indigenous solutions with global standards. We believe that Nigerians deserve the very best. That is why the solutions are local to address local challenges. The Information and Communications solutions remain the vital instrument that can be used by Nigerians to enhance service delivery strategy and bring about innovations for the development of the economy”

This is undoubtedly a great move by the tech firm. Recently the news have been floored with nefarious activities as kidnappings and terrorism attacks, among others. The area of agriculture is not left out. With the fertility of the Nigerian soil, the country cannot feed her population of over 180 million inhabitants. Over the years, people have left farming for white -collar jobs, thereby making the cities congested. Worse still, the unemployment state is on the increase.

There is a lot that will be achieved should the ICT firm get involved. Obviously, the solutions must be indigenous to the root causes so that the experts will not end up having a merry-go-round with little or no result. The expert explained this aspect:

“This is why the solutions have been developed by some of the world’s best brains taking into consideration the Nigerian environment, because we cannot copy what works in other climates and expect them to work perfectly here”

This innovation will combat the greatest nightmare of the youths- unemployment. With power and energy infrastructure, small enterprises will thrive and businesses will proffer better services.

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