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4 Free Places To Learn Coding Online


Coding is something that every tech geek should try and in today’s scenario with the wealth of online courses, many of which are free, learning about programming has become easier than ever.

If you’re planning to pick C++, Ruby on Rails, Python or Java, these online options might be a good way to get started. And if you already are a skilled programmer, these courses might just help you to polish your skills further.

1. Mozilla’s School of Webcraft

Mozilla’s 100 per cent free developer training site is all about teaching noobs and jedis alike how to code. If you want to get started with something like HTML or if you’re an experienced dev who wants to dive into Python, the School of Webcraft is something worth checking out. Several courses generally run simultaneously, and new classes are being drafted all the time.

2. Google Code University

From Google Code, we have the Code University, a free and fascinating resource. And of course, it has its own forums for learners to ask questions and get help. True beginners can also start out with the introductions and tutorials, which are designed with newer devs in mind.

3. MIT’s OpenCourseWare

If you’ve ever thought of studying computer science at one of the U.S.’s leading tech institutions, here’s your chance. MIT’s free and accessible courses are great for ambitious would-be coders. Check out the full list of courses for computer science, which include introductions to Java, Python, C++ and more.

4. UC Berkeley Webcast/Courses

The University of California at Berkeley has an extensive catalog of webcasts, including events and courses. The coursework is entirely free to access, and it includes video and audio webcasts of computer sciences classes from the current semester all the way back to 2003.

source: Efytimes

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