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Over A Billion Monthly Users On Chrome For iOS And Android As Chrome 50 Is Released


Google Chrome for iOS and Android has now passed 1 billion monthly active users. The figure represents another 200 million users from just five months ago after launching just four years ago on mobile in June 2012.

This comes as the Chrome is celebrating its 50th release and to celebrate this, Google released an infograph which shows the following;

771 billion page loads per month

1 billion active monthly mobile users

9.1 billion auto-filled forms

145 million times users are protected from malicious web pages  

500 billion keyboard characters not typed each month due to autocomplete feature  

$2.5m paid out to security researchers of the total $6m bug bounty program launched in 2010

3.6 billion web pages translated automatically each month

Millions of gigabytes data saved due to Chrome data saving features

Chrome 50 comes with the following security fixes and you can see how much Google paid out to various people for those fixes;

Chrome 50 also includes 20 security fixes, of which Google chose to highlight the following:

  • [$7500][590275] High CVE-2016-1652: Universal XSS in extension bindings. Credit to anonymous.
  • [$5000][589792] High CVE-2016-1653: Out-of-bounds write in V8. Credit to Choongwoo Han.
  • [591785] Medium CVE-2016-1651: Out-of-bounds read in Pdfium JPEG2000 decoding. Credit to kdot working with HP’s Zero Day Initiative.
  • [$1500][589512] Medium CVE-2016-1654: Uninitialized memory read in media. Credit to Atte Kettunen of OUSPG.
  • [$1500][582008] Medium CVE-2016-1655: Use-after-free related to extensions. Credit to Rob Wu.
  • [$500][570750] Medium CVE-2016-1656: Android downloaded file path restriction bypass. Credit toDzmitry Lukyanenko.
  • [$1000][567445] Medium CVE-2016-1657: Address bar spoofing. Credit to Luan Herrera.
  • [$500][573317] Low CVE-2016-1658: Potential leak of sensitive information to malicious extensions. Credit to Antonio Sanso (@asanso) of Adobe.
  • [602697] CVE-2015-1659: Various fixes from internal audits, fuzzing and other initiatives.


Chrome is still the most used browser globally with nearly 60% usage over the last one year according to the StatCounter.

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