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This Tech Billionaire’s CV Fits Into A Page, Yours Should Too


What does it mean to a tech CEO worth over $13b/2.6tr Naira/1.3tr KES and still have a one page CV (curriculum vitae)? Well Elon Musk showed the world a copy of his CV and as you can expect, it’s quite rich in terms of accomplishments starting from his days at PayPal to Tesla and SpaceX will just successfully landed a rocket on the sea for possible future reuse.


elon musk's résumé

Source: Novoresume

It’s difficult to resist the temptation of writing out every single thing you have coded or designed as a tech guy but all people need on a document such as a CV is a summary of your accomplishment and with sites like LinkedIn, all an employer needs to do is check out the rest of your achievements online or offline. The CV above from a personality just proves that you need not more than a page to tell your story.

That said, please consult your local career counsellor or any other guide you may have to know what’s acceptable where you reside. In most cases though, the CV above is ideal and says it all.

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