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GoDaddy Launches Flare; An That Helps Entrepreneurs Present An Idea To A Community For Vetting


What comes to mind when you think GoDaddy? Domains and hosting obviously. But from domains to book keeping solutions, GoDaddy has been there. They have quite a number of solutions for small businesses.

Today though, leveraging on the number of small businesses using its services, GoDaddy is launching Flare. Flare is a rating app for ideas and startups. So before you launch a product or service, using Flare you would have been exposed to a wide community of other businesses people and potential customers who would vet your product. Whatever the response is, it would help you make design and marketing decisions.

How it works

According to the image below, you swipe left to ignore and then right to indicate interest in any idea. Once an idea generates up to 10 interests, it now enters a stage where specific surveys by the idea owner can be answered. A popular news outlet is already referring to it as the Tinder for ideas. Tinder is an app that allows you to connect with people of interests and let me add that it has become a really popular dating/meet up app indeed.

Godaddy Flare

By doing so, faces of other users and posts are not just over the place which explains why GoDaddy has chosen a three stage process to accomplish the objectives of this app. By so doing, users are forced to either respond to an idea (positive or negative)  or ignore out rightly. Also depending on your location, you would be able to see ideas in you areas.

More Business for GoDaddy?

The usual thing with such independent apps from big companies is to increase customer base but this app has is connected to the GoDaddy’s core businesses. It only encourages people with ideas to test the waters before planning that big launch. That said though, who knows what the future of such an app would be? There may be a link to buy GoDaddy services in future from the app directly once you feel comfortable with public opinion of your idea.

The app could be a good place for investors and funders to visit to find the next big thing they may want to invest in.

GoDaddy’s CEO Blake Irving and other top management staff of the company lan  be on the app at launch as well and it now available on the app store while we expect a June launch on Android.

If the link doesn’t work, just go to Flare by GoDaddy in the App Store and you should be able to download it.

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