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Apple May Now Release Major iPhone Models Every Three Years Instead Of Two


Apple may now be bowing to the pressure of a slowing market among other factors in the frequency of its iPhone launches. This is according to a Nikkei report posted on their website earlier today. If you are an iPhone fan, you probably might know that a major iPhone model is released every two years but that may be about to change. The report say that Apple may now extend that time by an extra year.

It’s also getting harder to make unique enhancements to smartphone features these day although we expect that the next generation smartphones will feature a lot of  Artificial Intelligence.

As predicted, Apple’s 13 year quarterly growth ended when it recently declared its second quarter which actually showed a 13 percent dip in the number of iPhone sales compared with the same quarter in the previous year. The report also highlighted the impact of this on manufacturers in Japan and other Asian countries who rely heavily on iPhone production. They would have to wait a bit longer to manufacture but could this move eventually salvage the iPhone sales slump.

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