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MySpace Got Hacked Too. It’s Important You Login And Change Your Password Even If You Don’t Use MySpace Again


You may be asking what MySpace is or why we are talking about it now? Well to answer the first set of guys, MySpace was the Facebook we knew before Facebook took the shine out of them and for the second set, we’re talking about them today because if you were registered on the site before 2013 and have just decided to leave the account dormant, it’s now possible that your information may now be in the hands of hackers.

The company acknowledged on Tuesday in a blog post that “Email addresses, MySpace usernames, and MySpace passwords for the affected MySpace accounts created prior to June 11, 2013 on the old MySpace platform are at risk.” From reports online, its either MySpace didn’t know about this at the time or decided to quietly handle the situation. According to this post from Motherboard, it’s said that the compromised database contained about 360 million accounts with 427 million passwords – and yeah for those thinking, I told you MySpace used to be the Facebook before The Facebook.

In the post by MySpace, they said  In order to protect our users, we have invalidated all user passwords for the affected accounts created prior to June 11, 2013 on the old MySpace platform. These users returning to MySpace will be prompted to authenticate their account and to reset their password by following instructions at https://myspace.com/forgotpassword.

Tumblr experienced a similar fate in the hands of hackers with 65 million passwords compromised and we recently told you about the 100 million LinkedIn accounts that may have been compromised in the 2012 hack.

In the mean time, please login and change your password and this shouldn’t just be for MySpace alone. You should probably check your other social media accounts. Have I been pawned is a website that helps users check if they have been pawned. This could be a starting point for you in checking which of your accounts may have been compromised.

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