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You’ll Be Able To Delete Apple Pre-installed Apps In iOS 10. See Other Changes Coming to Your iPhone And iPad Here


Apple had its own “big” event (WWDC aka  Worldwide Developers Conference) yesterday where it made a series of announcements and one those announcements is the iOS 10; the latest in the release of its mobile operating system. It’s going to be available to users later this year but that’s not why I’m bringing this to your notice. Like the iOS 9 before it, major changes to Apple  Maps and iCloud. Yesterday’s announcement by Apple reflects its desire to be more flexible with the way apps are being used on its devices. The long and short of it is that you can now delete some of Apple’s own proprietary apps like stocks and weather. Frankly speaking, it’s about time even as big companies are loosening their grips on their own platforms to increase use of their software and platforms as is evident when Microsoft announced that it would now allow its SQL database to run on Linux as well but Apple hasn’t gone that far yet even though it will now allow developers into its iMessage and Siri applications. But for now, the big news is that you can now delete select Apple pre-installed apps when iOS 10 launches later this year which means you now have control over pre-installed apps like Maps, Calculator, Music, Videos and not just stocks. Apple Maps launch wasn’t as smooth and you had users sticking to the Goolge Maps which used to be pre-installed on the iPhone and iPads. Messages, Photos and Camera apps cannot be deleted according to users who have downloaded the beta version of the iOS 10 and it’s interesting because no Apple official mentioned any of these , neither is it  anywhere on the website. It’s definitely happening though and maybe they didn’t want a mass migration to other non Apple apps as all the mentioned apps have in some cases  third party alternatives.

iOS 10 - removebale apps

                        Courtsey : @MrVernier on Twitter

That’s not just all the stuff that comes with upgrading to  iOS 10.

Siri (Apple’s digital assistant)  is now open to developers. In other words, Apple want developers to make the Siri experience better for users. “Developers can build on the intelligence Siri offers and let users interact directly with apps using just their voice. SiriKit™ helps developers easily design their apps to work with Siri for messaging, phone calls, photo search”

Another feature in iOS 10 is Memories. Memories scans all your photos and videos and finds favourite and forgotten events, trips and people, and presents them in a beautiful collection. A Memory also contains the Memory Movie, an automatically edited movie with theme music, titles and cinematic transitions. 

With Maps now open to developers as well, bookings can now be integrated directly into Maps so that users of services like Uber can now book a taxi without having to leave the app.

Among the long list of features coming to iOS 10 are the changes coming to the now “deleteable” (not a real word) Music and News apps. The Library, “For You, Browse and Radio tabs have been completely redesigned to provide an even greater sense of place, and we’ve added a Search tab to make finding music even easier. All of these changes come together to create a design that is clear and intuitive. iOS 10 features a redesigned News app with a new For You, organized into distinct sections that make it easier to find stories, support for breaking news notifications and paid subscriptions.”

There you go, that’s the Apple WWDC 2016 in one quick page for you.

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