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Samsung Unveils Its UFS Cards Of Up To 256GB Which Some Call The Next Generation MicroSD


Samsung unveiled the world’s first removable UFS (Universal Flash Storage) with storage capacities of 32, 64, 124 and 256 gigabytes. UFS cards are already being regarded as next generation with respect to microSDs because they UFS cards can have read speeds of up to 530 mbps (megabytes per second) which is about five times the average speed of your average microSD card. It provides more than five times faster sequential read performance compared to that of a typical microSD card, reading sequentially at 530 megabytes per second (MB/s) which is similar to the sequential read speed of the most widely used SATA SSDs. With this UFS card, consumers have the ability to read a 5GB, Full-HD movie in approximately 10 seconds, compared to a typical UHS-1 microSD card, which would take over 50 seconds with 95MB/s of sequential reading speed. Also, at a random read rate of 40,000 IOPS, the 256GB card delivers more than 20 times higher random read performance compared to a typical microSD, which offers approximately 1,800 IOPS according to Samsung.

Samsung UFS

Samsung said it unveiled the UFS now to deal with increased high resolution gadgets lie cameras and drones even though there are no devices out there right now that support these kinds of cards as removable storage. That didn’t stop Samsung though from embedding the memory into its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge but now they want to release it as a stand lone device that can be used on other devices in future.

It’s not clear however how many upcoming devices may be ready for this new kind of memory but one would expect to see the slot for this in upcoming Samsung products.

Samsung has announced a business card sized 2TB external hard disk in January. SSD (Solid State Drive) which it calls SSD T3 and its 2TB. Cool right? but even more cool is the transfer speed of 450MBps and USB 3.1interface which comes with an in-built AES 256-bit encryption. Similarly in March, SanDisk which was acquired by Western Digital had announced the world’s largest microSD card of up to 200GB of storage. The card according to the announcement would  support data transfer at up to 90MB per second, or around 1,200 photos per minute.

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