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Take Note: These 5 Brands Are Succeeding By Using Chatbots


Luxury brands such as Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger and Nike are helping to usher in an age of conversational commerce with their use of chatbots on social media platforms. Supported by a high concentration of engagement on messenger apps, AI chatbots are being utilized to push notifications to customers, allow users to browse fashion collections, and even act as fashion gurus to help users find their new look.

Here’s what they’re doing with chatbots to boost their success in the competitive retail industry. Use similar strategies as them and build your own chatbot to enjoy similar advantages.

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Nike’s Stylebot found on Facebook Messenger has something for everyone interested in sneakers. Be it workout gear, or just a new pair of shoes for everyday wear, this chatbot helps users find their style or even create their own shoe. The bot is aimed at women, and has a range of sneakers for the ‘sporty girl’, the ‘working girl’ and others, giving consumers a fun and easy way to browse Nike’s sneaker collections.

The chatbot’s approach is chatty and friendly, with the use of emojis adding a nice layer of youthful fun. The sneaker creation feature allows users of this bot to upload their own photos and get an Air Max 90 sneaker with complimentary or corresponding color schemes to match the picture. The customization of shoes is a very effective way of personalizing the chatbot experience and encouraging users to make a purchase.


Burberry has shown their willingness to be leaders in innovative technology with the deployment of their chatbot during 2016’s New York’s Fashion Week. The innovation allowed Burberry fans to get a behind the scenes look at the new collection and inspiration behind the catwalk show.

Further updates have given the chatbot the ability to ask Customer Service a question, browse and shop their collection, and even chat live with a Burberry consultant. Users are able to find a store with the locator function and book an Uber ride to take them to Makers House and view the brand’s exhibition. Currently, the chatbot is being used to promote their latest handbag, the DK88, allowing Facebook users to examine the bag in detail through chatbot access.


The fashion marketplace, Spring, launched their own Spring Bot to assist with live messaging and provide a personal shopping experience. Spring believes their virtual concierge is a key component of the online luxury purchase.

The personal shopping assistant on Facebook Messenger takes customers through a series of multiple-choice questions to help them find suggested items. Each interaction is carefully tailored to feel ‘human’, and the bot works as shopping assistant. It gives gentle reminders about incomplete purchases even when the user has officially signed off from the chatbot, and it works as a point of contact after a purchase has been made for receipts, shipping, tracking information, and answering order-related questions.


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TK Maxx

TK Maxx launched Baby Oracle for Christmas last year to help shoppers find the perfect gifts – or as Baby Oracle put it, ‘I’m here to help you banish boring gifts.’

The chatbot took over TK Maxx’s main Facebook page. Developers ensured a natural-sounding conversation by refraining from overusing of the customer’s name and presenting them with four questions. The answers to these, along with the user’s name and profile picture were used to generate a short personal clip showcasing a number of gift suggestions. Each of the elements were designed in such a way as to produce a consistent and personalized experience for consumers across all devices.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger has taken Teads’ outstream video ad featuring an AI powered chatbot to run their very own TMY.GRL chatbot off of Facebook Messenger. This has allowed the brand to extend their chatbot reach into premium publishing environments through their outstream video ads.

By integrating their chatbot into their outstream video ads with Teads’ technology, Tommy Hilfiger has broken out of the Facebook Messenger mold that many other brands are using. This enables them to encourage users off of the messaging platform to engage with their chatbot technology.

Interacting with the chatbot involves consumers being asked a number of questions to help identify their preferences and size. Once this information has been gathered, the TMYGRL  chatbot suggests a number of products and transfers customers directly to the site to purchase the items, which have already conveniently been placed in a shopping basket for them.

Chatbots are offering brands new, personalized ways in which they can communicate with their customers and add value to their experiences with the company. When done right, chatbots provide fun, engaging, and positive experiences that encourage users’ brand loyalty and increase sales opportunities.


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