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5 Reasons To Upgrade From A Classic Vacuum To A Robotic Vaccum


Do you hate vacuuming? We thought so.

Most people think vacuuming is a pain in the rear, and they would rather forget about the chore altogether. And why wouldn’t they? Who would want to spend their spare time lugging out a huge upright vacuum and go around pushing and pulling it until you’re all sweaty and your arm hurts?

There is a solution though: a robotic vacuum. Getting one will significantly reduce the time you need to spend cleaning. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

At PetHairPatrol.com our mission is to help you find the best cleaning solutions for your home. And a robotic vacuum can definitely help you out with keeping your home clean.

Here are 5 reasons why you should upgrade your vacuum to a robotic vacuum:

  1. A robotic vacuum can vacuum daily

Do you have time to vacuum every day? No? Neither do we. That is why we have a robotic vacuum that will take care of vacuuming for us.

Because people don’t have time to vacuum several times a week, dust, dirt at pet hair accumulates making the Saturday vacuuming session a massive and time-consuming chore.

A robotic vacuum can be scheduled to make a cleaning session daily or every other day depending on your needs. Because the floors and carpets are cleaned more often, the dirt won’t accumulate, and you can have a clean home every single day. Who wouldn’t love that?

  1. A robotic vacuum can reach places you can’t

How often do you use your upright vacuum to clean under beds, large pieces of furniture or appliances? Yep, it’s always such a bothersome job. Maybe you do get around doing it, but wouldn’t you love to skip that part of cleaning?

Dust and pet hair tends to collect under furniture because most people don’t vacuum under there as often as they should. But this is another chore you can easily outsource to robotic vacuum. A robot can go where you can’t. They easily move under furniture and make sure to clean all of the dust and pet hair you have a hard time reaching.

  1. A robotic vacuum will keep the indoor air clean

Since most of us try to avoid vacuuming, dust, pet hair, dander, pollen, and other allergens tend to accumulate under furniture, in corners, and on all surfaces. When you go about your daily activities, these particles are wafted into the air causing allergy symptoms like a runny nose or itching eyes.

With a robotic vacuum doing a daily vacuuming session you will be able to reduce those nasty particles significantly. Your home will be cleaner and so will the air you breathe.

  1. You don’t have to worry about vacuuming

It is recommended that you vacuum at least once a week to keep dust and allergens under control. If you have pets or kids, or you live in a city where road dust can be difficult to deal with, you might have to vacuum more often – maybe even every day. At least high-traffic areas like the kitchen and hallway need a quick cleanup daily.

What if you could forget about all this? Just schedule your robotic vacuum for a daily upkeep vacuuming session and forget about vacuuming. Rather than picking up your upright vacuum after a day of working, you could come back to a clean home every night!

  1. You don’t have to spend your free time cleaning

We don’t like vacuuming, and we suspect you don’t either. Who does? It’s a time-consuming and sweaty chore that you have to repeat every week – or even daily if you have kids or pets! A robotic vacuum can take care of vacuuming while you spend your time doing something you actually enjoy. Maybe you can take a long walk with your dog or have a nap after a long day. Whatever you decide to do, the robotic vacuum will take care of the mess for you!

Vacuuming is one of the most hated cleaning chores, but luckily there is a straightforward solution that can reduce your need to grab that bulky vacuum.

The technology in robotic vacuums has made huge advancements in recent years. While the robots have gotten better at navigating their surroundings and they are now providing excellent cleaning results, the price has gone down. An automatic vacuum is not a luxury item anymore, and many people are investing in one to help them organize their busy lives. Many robotic vacuums actually do an amazing job at keeping your home clean – you can find some of the best ones here.

A robot vacuum can free up a lot of your time for nicer things to do. Why not sit back and relax while your robot does all the hard work for you?

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