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500 Front-End Developers In Nigeria Empowered By Facebook And Smartzone


As a front-end developer, you will agree with me that this job can get quite challenging.  More often than not, many developers are worried about meeting clients’ expectations and achieving the required user experience, which has continued to be the greatest challenge. While some clients have lost quality traffic because their sites take too long to load, some others because their sites aren’t mobile-friendly. Putting these challenges into consideration, Facebook and SmartZone collaborated to empower 500 front-end developers in Nigeria.

A summit which had in attendance, React and Java experts and beginners came together to discuss the possibilities of creating better products and proffering IT solutions to common work challenges within their environment. The conference was strictly for front-end developers, new and existing colleagues to share ideas and solve common problems.

A UI designer and front-end developer, Ohans Emmanuel gave a brief talk on the SVG, animations and innovative interactions in ReactJS Apps. He placed an emphasis on why developers should not miss the crucial aspect of user experience. Many front-end developers tend to miss this aspect to choose the easier way for a task. Other facilitators who contributed to this speech include Kingdom Orjiewuru and Innocent Amadi who both agreed that the first point of call for a front-end developer is to put in consideration, the users’ experience and to ensure that the designs are less complex.

Another subject which was discussed at the summit was an issue on growth hacking for scaling early user base. Bolu Oluwagbesan, a digital consultant and Managing Director of Gambler Studios addressed the attendees on this subject and emphasized that start-ups should be more concerned with creating solutions to painstaking problems. Accordingly, this is a great way to be relevant in a society where competition is the norm.

Some of the tips she shared to the start-ups include openness to partnership and mastery of financial management. People are more inclined or willing to invest in a company or an enterprise where there are more people involved, other than a one-man thing. Also, for any establishment to survive, the key owners must be efficient in the effective management of company funds.

The event was a great opportunity for start-ups to unite with the juggernauts in the system, especially those who use React and JavaScript. The Programme Manager, Startzone, Sadiq Adeyanju said as a concluding remark:

At Startzone, we believe in knowledge and information sharing and it is through this that our Nigeria’s tech ecosystem can grow. Our events are always driven by this belief.’

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