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Samsung Launches Its Own Font, SamsungOne To Rival Those Of Google, Apple And Microsoft


As trivial as font can sometime be, they could be a source of identity for brands and that’s why you can easily get on a device and if you’re familiar with other products of the company, you can tell which company produced what. Google has its own family of fonts and so does Apple and Microsoft. But now Samsung is now the latest big tech firm to come out with its own font which it calls SamsungOne font. It unveiled the font it hopes will now be used on its products to provide a uniform identity.

The font is slightly different from others as its taller like.   It’s all aesthetics if you ask me although I don’t know how the tech world will welcome this. For now though, Samsung which produces, refrigerators,  microwaves, phones, tablets, TVs among others can now have a unique font identity across board. SamsungOne is a unique font designed to help deliver a connected, universal experience for Samsung. It is a family of scripts covering 26 writing systems, more than 400 languages, and over 25,000 glyphs, creating a truly global typeface according to the statement by Samsung.

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