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Samsung Announces Samsung Cloud, Gives Up To 15GB Free To Users


We were waiting all morning for Samsung to launch its Galaxy Note 7 as it said it would. Today, the company unveiled the phone but this time though, something else has people talking.

But there was something else that was announced that we didn’t see coming and that’s the Samsung Cloud. If you use an iPhone you may have heard of iCloud and this is similar to it. Samsung Cloud is an online storage that can be used for back up and restores. While Apple gives its users 5GB of free storage, Samsung Cloud using the Galaxy Note 7 offers you up to 15GB free storage. Samsung didn’t say how much it would cost after you exhaust the free storage but we’ll assume it won’t be different from what happens on similar platforms like Google Drive and iCloud where you start paying something relatively small. On Google Drive for example, with about $24 per year, you can now get up to 100GB of storage and for $9.99 per month, you could even get up to 1TB of storage.

With the acquisition of Joyent; an American Cloud company, Samsung has declared its interest to share of the huge cloud and big data market.

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