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54gene, The Nigerian e-Health Company Launches A Fifth-Generation Research Facility In Lagos


54gene is an e-health startup company that performs scientific research, services, and development such as human genome sequencing, health investigations, among other scientific research.

54gene announced they would be launching a new facility in Lagos State, Nigeria — a fully equipped lab built to operate the necessary scientific experiment.

The scientific research and development company was established in 2019. They have enveloped the entire African population with medical supplies that have standardized the average African well-being, and in due time, they are expected to operate globally.

Overtime, 54gene had accessed several human genetic data based on research and efficacity of data analysis and medications that are not limited to Africans but a global market.

During the wake of COVID-19, 54gene acquired funds — they raised over $15 million at the Series A funding. The funds were intended to further the startup e-health company’s agenda by expanding its operations, establishing more medical or scientific facilities to push solutions to the world’s deadliest diseases.

54gene has been responsive in launching new facilities around the corners of Africa — they recently launched a new facility in Lagos.

54gene intends to empower Africans with advanced technology that orchestrate genomics research with sophisticated technology such as the Illumina NextSeq 550Dx and the Novaseq 6000.

This is world-class equipment hosted by the scientific research and development company — they revealed that the newly launched facility in Lagos would commence its operations from January 2021.

The new scientific research facility stationed in Lagos is a fully equipped lab built to resolve the most complicated project to uncover the exact medicinal solution suitable for the global population with respect to diseases.

Prior to their new research facility, 54gene has embarked on research to ascertain “novel biological insights” based explicitly on modifying genetic data with unique information derived from a given set of data.

The researchers at 54gene are expected to ascertain the factors that trigger the “non-communicable and infectious diseases” genetics that coexists with the African continent respective to the variety of genetic data.

54gene founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Dr. Abasi Ene-Obong highlighted its newly launched facility’s functionalities — he said that the new lab would update his company’s reputable status.

The new facility serves as a solution to expedite global challenges based on the diversity of genetic compatibility with the world’s population.

Ene-Obong said “Over the last two years, our growth has been underpinned by a supremely experienced world-class team and the collaboration of key stakeholders on the continent. I am proud of the impact our work is making scientifically and economically on the African continent and globally, and the many scientists around the world, who collaborate with 54gene.”

“Our vision is not just to address the health disparities in Africa but to distinctly advance research in some of the most common and rare diseases that affect the global population,” he continued.

The scientific research and development company’s chief executive noted that he is willing to do the extreme to attain the predetermined research outcome, even if it demands “to scale our operations and continue to collaborate on cutting-edge research.”

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