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Microsoft’s Data Centre In Wyoming Will Be 100 Percent Wind Powered

Paul Balo
Clyde Wind Farm, Scotland. Source: BBC

Microsoft’s data centre will be powered entirely by wind power. The data centre located in Cheyenne, Wyoming will be powered by renewable energy. In a post earlier today, Brad Smith who is the President and Chief Legal Officer at Microsoft said, “we are announcing our largest wind energy purchases yet — 237 megawatts of wind energy — that will allow our datacenter in Cheyenne, Wyoming to be powered entirely by wind power. We’ve also structured the purchase and partnered with the local utility in novel ways to make it easier and more affordable for cities and states to move to a cleaner energy grid. And, we’re making our datacenters backup generators available to the local grid, boosting reliability while keeping prices low for all ratepayers.”

Breaking the 237 megawatts down, 178 megawatts of that will come from Bloom Wind farm in Kansas and another 59 megawatts from the Happy Jack farms in Wyoming.

Together till date though, Microsoft has bought about 500 megawatts of power from wind energy with an aim to use around 50 percent of renewable energy by 2018.

Their power back up plans though are not as clean but are better than generators running on energy sources like diesel because these backup generators actually run ion natural gas.

Facebook announced a similar initiative last year when it announced that its Fort Worth in Texas will be powered 100 percent by renewable.

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