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These 7 Apps Among Others Are A Must Have For Remote Working


Work from home isn’t easy if you are not equipped with right tools. Here, we have shortlisted 7 best tools you should have installed on your system if you are remote working.

7 Best Tools for Remote Working

Google Calendar

Google Calendar helps you streamline all your tasks on time. You can use this best remote working time management tool to complete tasks on time. You can use Google Calendar to schedule tasks for yourself and coordinate with teams easily. Furthermore, you can schedule meetings with cliens, create work sessions, set meetings, schedule vacations, and more. Here, you can check other’s calendar events easily with few clicks to avoid time clashes of tasks. It offers great solution to put all time on table to perform numerous tasks on time without delays. The best thing is it is available for free.


Zoom is one of the fastest growing video conferencing apps that helps you set video meetings easily. If you wonder how to use Zoom, it is absolutely easy to use. It offers interactive interface with easy navigation to help you set meetings at your ease. You can use Zoom to schedule video calls with large teams. Additionally, it allows you to cast zoom meetings to tv, offers real-time chat option, calendar integration, virtual background option, and more. Zoom has seen surge in demand due to work from home culture in Covid 19 disaster. It also offers record meetings option so that you can keep them for your reference.


Another team communication tool is Slack. This powerful tool works as a collaboration hub for large teams. You can use this interactive chat platform to communicate with individuals and large teams. In addition to working as an intuitive chat platform, it also offers video calls, file sharing, screen sharing, easy integration with other software such as Jira and Google Calendar, and more. The best part of the Slack is, it is absolutely easy to use. You can use it on the go for all your virtual communication needs. While people are using this smart solution for long time, they give testimony how it helped in their work to make it easy.


Jira isn’t useful only for remote workers instead it is powerful project management tool that help streamline tasks in large teams. You can assign, manage and track your tasks easily on this platform. With interactive dashboard, you get quick access to current status of all your tasks and how teams are working on that.  Jira is powerful project management platform that is meticulously designed for agile development. You can not only use this platform to plan, track and review your work, but it also help you save lot of time by reducing manual intervention.


GitHub is largely used by developers to monitor version control, monitor changes made to files, and all other development work. It makes coding easy for developers. Millions of users are using this advanced design and development platform to create beautiful sites and find solutions to their development problems. You only get code here, but you can view, share and collaborate on it with others. The best part of this tool is that it prevents overwriting someone else’s or even your own work. It creates history of changes for your own records. Try this powerful tool if you are working from home.

Google Drive

Google Drive is great tool to store and share data online. Especially if you are using other Google products such as Gmail, Docs, etc. then Google Drive become inseparable pat of your work. You can work and save all your tasks online on Google Drive and access them easily from anywhere at any time from any device. You can even access your work in offline mode. Once you have completed your task, you can share it with others with various permissions options. It makes data sharing secure with advanced security features. Use this powerful tool for instant & effective results.


Large community trust Grammarly for its advanced features. It is equally useful for home, business and enterprise usage. People from all walks be it students, professionals, or people at home are using Grammarly to avoid language & grammar issues. Either you are writing an email, website copy or social media posts or in fact anything else, you should trust this partner to help you correct English grammar issues. It is available in free and paid options where you can explore multiple useful features with its paid version. Use Grammarly to learn, command and avoid language issues.

So, these were 7 best apps you should have installed on your system if you are working remotely. These comprehensive tools not only helps you streamline your work, but it also save you time. Do try all these tools to make work from home seamless and don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below.

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