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7 Myths About Windows That Everyone Thinks True


The world is full of myths and misconceptions that indulges the beliefs of almost everyone. But, sometimes these myths are just for no reason. Similarly, windows haters named their hatred as myths. And claims that they all are true but it doesn’t make any sense. Myths about the windows are not true. So, here, we are going to share 7 myths about Windows that usually people think true. Let’s find out whether the myths are true or not.

7 myths about Windows that usually people think true. Let's find out whether the myths are true or not. #windows #myths #OS https://www.techbooky.com/7-windows-myths/ Click To Tweet

Myth #1- Manual Windows Updates is BEST Way

There is one common myth among the peoples that updating windows manually is the best approach as automatic install updates can break your system and results in bad consequences. But, this myth is not actually true as automatic updates save much time of users, moreover, automatic update keeps your system updated always.

Myth #2- Windows is Not Natural

Another myth about Windows is that Windows is not intuitive. But is a joke that people think Windows offers only annoying designs and comes up with an in-built mess that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. But, Windows offers more impressive yet engaging designs and in-built cleaner to clean up the mess from the system.

Myth #3- Windows Gets Viruses

Now, we come closer to a myth which exactly not false at all, but needs a bit closer analysis. However, Windows is not entirely insecure but just stick to some piles that collapse the system. Windows is the most utilized desktop operating system thus, it is targeted by most of the attackers. But, to get rid of this issue you can also install ideal anti-virus software that protects your system endlessly.

Myth #4- Less-consistency of Windows

Furthermore, here comes one more myth which indicates that Windows is not consistent which is not true at all. This problem rarely occurs but only because of poor hardware and outdated drivers. Though windows is the most commonly used operating system it remains consistent till you use. You just need to do proper efforts just to maintain the consistency level of the system.

Myth #5- Cleaning Registry couldn’t be enough to speed-up the system

Regular users who maintain their system well won’t experience this issue. But, the ones who fail in doing so could believe that the cleaning registry is not enough to speed-up the system’s performance. And a single can dip a performance of their system. So, the best PC cleaning software could be a great help in keeping PC cleaning and effective.

Myth #6- Premium Antivirus is only the best one

There are numerous good free antivirus programs are available but there is one myth among the individuals that only premium and paid antivirus programs can serve you best. Contrarily to that, free antivirus programs can also serve you its best. Or, top on all, Microsoft’s Security Essentials stops you to run multiple anti-viruses over the device.

Myth #7- Computer is Slow because of Virus & Malware

There is no doubt that viruses and malware slow down your system but viruses & malware don’t slow down the speed of the system always. There is one myth that tells that viruses slow down the computer’s performance which is 90% true but not completely. As there are other numerous things that reduce the speed of your system, for instance, filled storage space, outdated drivers, and many more. 

By looking up the myths that are popular among the peoples, we only state that Windows is good in all the way it works. #windows #operatingsystem https://www.techbooky.com/7-windows-myths/ Click To Tweet

So, these are some myths about the Windows PC that usually individuals considered true. However, some of them are true at some point but not completely. There is nothing like Windows, the features it offers are remarkable and helps us to accomplish each task smoothly. By looking up the myths that are popular among the peoples, we only state that Windows is good in all the way it works. Windows doesn’t deserve the lash-up by the users as it is pretty good enough what it offers. So, if you are one of the Windows haters then just do one thing, go lock yourself and ask the question to yourself that – when was the last time you actually used windows. Then, your misconceptions about the Windows will automatically blow. As of now, Windows has set new standards and benchmarks which is hard to overtake.

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