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8 great websites to gain programming experience


1. Rosetta Code:

It’s one of the most useful sites of its kind. Rosetta Code is tagged as “programming chrestomathy” which is a library of examples showing you how to perform same tasks in different programming languages. You can learn, for example creating a window in a GUI, with different toolkits in a particular language. Like if you are using Python, you have libraries like Tkinter, PyGTK, Pythonwin, wxPython and so on.

2. Codecademy:

This is a website which teach you coding in an interactive mode with its well-structured courses. It offers you courses on web fundamentals, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Ruby and so on. The website offers all the basic information on coding and related instructions too. You can also become aware of possible errors during coding.

3. Code School:

If you are familiar with the basic programming languages and programming principles, then Code School is another quality website which gives you deep insight into the industry’s best practices. The course on this website offers advanced knowledge on Ruby, JavaScript, HTML/CSS and iOS.

4. Treehouse

This website’s courses are mostly project oriented and not very language oriented. These courses are perfect if developers have a planned project in mid like building a website or creating an application. The courses are divided into different modules and best if you are planning a career in programming.

5. Eqcode:

This website offers equivalent codes for all languages. It has a common index of all languages with some specific concepts or tasks like removing any specific element. The languages are demonstrated in a comprehensible way and the concepts are also explained in an updated manner.

6. Crosswise:

Crosswise also introduces operating with multiple languages at the same time. This website deals with JavaScript, PHP, Ruby and Python and it shows how same concepts are implemented in all these languages. There are side-by-side comparisons, along with error handling techniques and exceptions too.

7. AlgPedia:

It’s an ambitious project which is called a collaborative encyclopedia. It focuses on algorithms including sorting, arbitrary precision, data mining, pattern matching and more. The project is in its development stage and all the algorithms are getting full coverage in this website.

8. Scratch 2.0:

If you are not looking for hardcore programming, then there is Scratch 2.0 for you to make you a next-gen programmer. It’s also suitable for kids who want to create, upload and share innovative projects in the online world. Scratch was offline earlier, but now its 2.0 version has come out fully online. It offers a combination of commands to explain how some assigned objects in specific ways. This demonstrates visual programming method logically.


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