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How It Feels To Live In A Fully Automated Home


The Internet of Things (IoT) has made it possible for our science fiction fantasies to come true! Today, smart homes or fully automated homes exist in which all the devices, from clocks to hot water heaters are connected to each other. Moreover, they communicate with you, accept the information you send them remotely, and carry out your commands.

Home automation means the sending of a voice command or the simple push of a button from your phone to make your life easier. It also means different things to different people. Some think in terms of security while others are thinking about how much time they could be saving. There is truly something out there that would motivate all of us when it comes to home automation.

Supporting that – and almost selling themselves – are the considerable huge variety of smart home products that are available in the market. Depending on what you intend to use them for, there are categories of devices that are just perfect for you!

So, what do you think it would be like living in a fully automated home? Below, we have selected just a few smart gadgets to give you a sneak peek into one such home:


Thermostats that control much more than the temperature

Smart or learning thermostats are a recent addition to the family of automated devices. Aside from the aesthetic value, they add to the home; they are incredibly useful in other ways too. For instance, controlling the temperature within your home while not being in it! Imagine how much of a relief this could be for pet owners and families with elderly or juvenile members. Taking care of your loved one’s comfort is now easier than ever with a smart thermostat by your side.

Another advantage of these thermostats is the money they save you on electric bills! Depending on your energy consumption habits, the thermostat will automatically turn itself up – or down – even if you aren’t around. If the air conditioner isn’t blasting away 24/7, it could bring down your energy costs by up to 30%!

Precision cookers that stay home and cook for you

For people who love sous vide cooking, an immersion circulator is a must-have. Precision cookers that come with Wi-Fi connectivity are available in the market now. You can turn them regardless of where you are, even while you are stuck at work. No more spending the ride back home dreading the thought of cooking! Just follow the recipe to set the desired temperature close to a tenth of a degree. Once that is done, your app will keep you updated about how the meal is progressing.

Blinds that are perceptive to the surroundings

Smart devices are characterized by their ability to track relevant information and analyzing it with sophistication. For instance, with smart blinds installed in your home, you can expect them to retract at a particular hour. Just set them according to your preferences and marvel at the ingenuity when all blinds in your home move together and save you so much time! A variety of other options are also available to you, based on the brand you choose. When the weather gets too windy, for instance, some blinds can be programmed to retract automatically to avoid damage and so on.

Locks that seal themselves for your peace of mind

The thought that you might have forgotten to lock your door as you left your house is enough to ruin your whole day! An automated system though will allow you to reassure yourself even when you are away from home. One tap of your finger on the app’s lock button and your doors would lock up to secure your home. This feature is highly useful for families with kids. If the adults leave for work before the children leave for school for instance, automatically locking doors would be a blessing! Most automated locking systems are also equipped with the feature of alerting the owner when somebody is inside the house. That way when you get an alert when no one should be home, you can call the authorities immediately!

The forecast says that the smart home market will grow dramatically. Do you agree with them? Would you like to add home automation technology systems to your home? Then invest in quality home automation technology by calling Digital Sky AV right away!


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