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A High-Performance DVD Copy Software of Great Importance of Your Video Life – Lydia Wang


Watching movies gives you video zealots fantastic video and stereo effect, but it is very expensive. There are so many good, classical and blockbusters movies worth being watching and our investment. But watching every movie in theatres is not a wise action. So, many video fans tend to buy legitimate DVDs. By this way, they can watch their favourite DVDs repeatedly, and all these DVD movies are totally belongs to them. And then DVD protecting is a task for you as a result. There is much well-performed DVD copy software that can backup your precious DVDs to keep the original ones well, and you can still enjoy them anytime you want. And you will no longer worry about the inevitable physical damage under repeated use. But speak to choice, you of course need a high-performance DVD copy software, which will copy your DVDs fast and keep the original structure, video and audio quality strictly. And that’s what DVDFab PC Backup does all the time.   DVDFab PC Backup can copy either the entire DVD or the main movie only. It can also copy part. With the provided six copy modes: Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Clone/Burn, Split and Merge, the output content is totally in your control. You can DIY the output DVD yourself with much flexibility.


Before that, DVD content access comes first. If a DVD copy software lacks of the ability to open the door of legitimate DVD disc for you, it is meaningless. DVDFab DVD Copy, is a professional DVD decrypter first, which can remove all the protections embedded in all kinds of DVD discs or files, and make the content accessible for you. It can also remove the region code restrictions, and let you play your DVDs in players produced in other countries.   Apart from the output content, you can determine which sound tracks and subtitles you need to keep in the output DVD. As the source DVD is in DVDFab, the embedded audio & subtitle stream has been recognized and listed waiting for your choosing. You can copy any DVD disc/ISO/folder to a blank disc, save it to be an ISO file or movie folder. Picture2 DVDFab supports batch processing, multi-core CPU, the newest NIVIDA and CUDA, so the copying speed will be speeded up to be several times faster than the similar products. Working with DVDFab, you don’t need to wait for a long spell of DVD copying, usually a time for drinking a cup of tea, the process is done. And when you check the output video, you will be amazed by the result quality. You can even not find the difference between the original DVD and the copied file. Picture3 More advanced, DVDFab supports backing up DVD to several mainstream Cloud platforms including Google Drive, OneDrive and iCloud Drive. It doesn’t mean you have to set another period of time to complete this task. Actually, you can directly backup and sync DVDs to Cloud platforms by choosing the output path the same as the location of your Cloud platforms installation folder. And by then, you will be free of the worry about the large possession of digital DVD files and limitation of your hard drive or other disks. Your DVDs will be hosted on Cloud, and you can access the backed up DVDs with your mobile phone and other devices. Picture4

Author Bio: Lydia Wang is just a simple girl who likes to write software reviews and some short stories. More info about DVDFab DVD Copy, visit http://www.dvdfab.cn/dvd-copy.htm

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