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A restaurant in China has now replaced human waiters with robots


A restaurant owner in China feels robots would be a better option as opposed to human waiters at his restaurant. The Restaurant which is based in the North Eastern province of Zhejiang.
Each robot costs about $9,400/ 1,684,950 Naira. This initial cost of acquisition according to the owner doesn’t matter much as he would gain from this in the long term.

The minimum wage per hour in the region is usually RMB 13.5/hr or 393 Naira/hour while the monthly average is about RMB 1,650 or 48,089 Naira accroding to the according to wageindicator.org. So you can see why the immediate gains from this idea may not be realisble but maybe in the long term as the owner has said.

One might be interested to know how effective these bots would be when it comes to direct interactions with “hungry” or dissatisfied humans. Well they able to take orders and can speak with you with a pre-programmed 40 phrase Mandarin vocabulary. This restaurant as you might expect has since become a real tourist attraction.




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