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A Start-up Checklist


According to the statistics, nine out of ten start-up businesses turn out as unsuccessful. Reasons are vary and some of the crucial ones include entrepreneur’s lack of experience, and desire to become successful over night. However, if future young businessmen are introduced to some of the steps they need to take in order to run a successful start-up, they’ll have nothing to worry about.

A Start-up ChecklistResearch the Market

The first step in establishing a start-up is market research. You should know if your business idea is original or if you’re out of luck and someone else has beat you to it. Ask yourself if the business you’d like to start will be lucrative, and if it’ll provide your customers with good service. What’s more, it’s essential to research the size of the market you’d like to place your business on, and see if you’re going to be able to handle the business or you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Additionally, the competition is another important aspect in terms of how successful others are in that line of work.

Business Plan

Writing a business plan is the next step in starting a business. Some of the categories you should consider in order to have a well-written plan are business description, marketing, finances and management. Additionally, without a business plan you won’t be able to get the money needed to build your company. Only a good business plan will show that you’re a serious businessman, which will ensure that you get the money you need for the start-up.

A Start-up ChecklistGet the Funds

When you want to start a business, you need the capital. Therefore, if you don’t have enough to make the business happen, it’s time to look for additional resources. Sponsors and investors are everywhere; you just need to know which door to knock on. Create an outstanding business plan, and numerous successful companies will be more than happy to help you make your dream come true.

Come up with the Name

If you want the customers to remember your name, it must be catchy and original. Everything that a customer should know about the company is supposed to be contained in the name. Feel free to write a list of potential names, slogans and even catch phrases and decide which would be the best choice for the start-up. It’s best if an impartial party decided which name sounds most attractive.

A Start-up ChecklistThe Business Space

You can’t run a business without an appropriate office. Therefore, after you’ve come up with the name, it’s time to find a business space where you’ll locate the start-up. Some of the things you should consider are the location attractiveness and size. Obviously, as the business starts to develop more, you’ll eventually need to find a larger space. However, for now all you need to think about is a space that’s big enough for a desk, a chair, computer, office supplies and a telephone. Later on, you’ll have to think about some attractive shelving solutions and you’ll probably need more storage, but for now, think small when it comes to office.

Promote the Business Online

This is the era of the Internet, so be sure to put your business online. Create a web site for your business and include all the services that you’re offering, so that people can look the business up whenever they want. Create Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for your business, and reach billions of people worldwide.

A Start-up Checklist

When you decide to start a business, it’s essential that you research the market, come up with a business plan, get the necessary funds, move into an office, and promote your business online. Believe in yourself, devote yourself to the business, follow the steps mentioned and you will definitely become the next most successful entrepreneur.

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