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Here Are 3 Cryptocurrencies That Turned $10,000 Into At Least $1,000,000 #cryptocurrency https://t.co/GGLfdJhR50 https://t.co/EiUXj4ve7y
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Adobe Welcomes You To The “Voice Photoshop” Era #VoCo


Can you guess if this picture was photoshopped? Well I don’t mean that literally but it’s a question you may have heard or come across at some point. That’s because Photoshop has allowed designers to come up with cool and yes crazy designs sometimes. To achieve the crazy, sometimes we have to tweak existing images to suit a message and that my friends has generated debates over the years online and offline.

But Adobe is about to make you guess even more without allowing us end the Photoshop debate. Using a tool called VoCo, you can change words in a voice over simply by typing new words as seen in the video attached. In other words, VoCo is a Photoshop tool for voice.

“When recording voiceovers, dialogue, and narration, wouldn’t you love the option to edit or insert a few words without the hassle of recreating the recording environment or bringing the voiceover artist in for another session? #VoCo allows you to change words in a voiceover simply by typing new words. Have to hear it to believe it? Check out a live demo using a recording of co-host Jordan Peele’s voice.”

This feature can change the face of voice recording significantly because of the numerous applications it can be used for and I’m talking good and bad. Imagine how many copyright laws can be violated using their software but also think of just how fast it will be to deliver on voice based jobs. We hear that the feature could be rolled out in Adobe’s creative Cloud sometime in 2017. No specifics from Adobe.

VoCo is part of a range of services announced at the Adobe Max 2016 event which held earlier this month.

Others include #Stylit allows you to transfer your personal artistic style from paper to screen, making your digital art appear like it was colored by hand. How does it work? 

#CloverVR aims to solve this problem by providing editors dedicated tools to view and edit directly in VR. Check out the video to go inside the headset.

#ColorChameleon allows you to quickly and easily match the colors in a collection of images to the color palette of your design template. Watch the video for a demo.

#Syncmaster helps video editors and motion designers to sync a key moment in a video to the perfect moment in a song. Watch a soundtrack come to life before your eyes.

#Wetbrush takes digital brushes to the next level by simulating the texture, properties and appearance of oil painting. Oh, and it’s 3D. Don’t believe us? The proof is in the portrait of co-host Jordan Peele.

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