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“Adultery” Website Hacked, Fate Of Anonymous User Data Unknown


We know of dating websites where “singles” go to find soul mates or something close to that but until now you may not have heard that this has been taken a step further by a company currently based in Canada. Ashley Madison is simply put, an “adultery” website and is not available to users across Africa.

Apparently, you join this site anonymously and yeah that’s what it’s got be especially when you don’t what your better half to know of your activities.

That said though, we’re hearing that the site was recently hacked and data of some users may have been compromised. The site currently boasts of more than 37 million discreet users. According to CNBC, “a group or individual known as The Impact Team claimed to be behind the attack and that it had data on all of Ashley Madison’s 37 million users and its partner sites, Cougar Life and Established Men, all owned by Canada’s Avid Life Media (ALM). The Impact Team claims to have access to the company’s user database and is threatening to release all of the information unless the site is taken down. So far the group has released 40MB of data, including credit card details as well as internal ALM files and documents.”

There are claims a former employee or contractor of the site may be responsible.

Controversial huh? Well you better pray your details have not been leaked to the world if you’re a subscriber. In Nigeria and many African countries, Badoo and other popular sites are used by singles and married people alike to hook up.

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