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Would You Buy This Flying Car For $1.3m/1.5m Euros/500 Million NGN ? Wait Till You See The Specs Though


Still on the subject on flying cars, it looks like we could be seeing them sooner than later. AeroMobil; a Slovakian company said last Thursday that it will start taking pre-order on flying cars which could be delivered to you as early as 2020. It’s going to cost you $1.3m/500m Naira though.

But the company is also out with key facts they say you should consider before you stop reading this and you can see them below;

  • Full transformation into flight mode in less than 3 minutes.
  • Automotive Range  -700km (estimated using NEDC cycle)
  • Aerospace Max Cruise Range ~750 km @ 75 % (1 200 m, ISA)
  • Fuel Capacity 90 ltr (95 RON Gasoline)
  • Direct Drive variable pitch propeller (speed 2 400 rpm)
  • Automotive – Top speed 160 kph
  • Aerospace – Vs / Vc / VD – 112 / 259 / 360 km/h
  • MTOW Take Off Distance ground roll / 50 ft – 397 / 595 m
  • Max Take Off Weight – 960 kg (useable load 240 kg)

They will produce a maximum of 500 units of the cars in what they say will AeroMobil’s first and 25 of those will be a Founders Edition that will come with separate benefits which they say will be made public later.

Until now, we’ve seen prototypes and concepts of flying cars but it would seem that now AeroMobil is taking that a step further with specs they think should attract car lovers like its custom 2.0 l turbo charged 4-cylinder boxer internal combustion engine with a FADEC (fully autonomous digital electronic control) digital control unit.

“On the road the AeroMobil is powered by a dedicated electric front wheel drive system incorporating electronic differential and an adaptive transmission delivering both road-going functionality and direct drive during flight.  The engine has been adapted to achieve a significant reduction in weight over traditional aerospace engines while delivering durability and reliability. During flight mode operation, AeroMobil has an available power of 224 kW (~ 300 hp), delivered to the propeller through a bespoke transmission.”

Airbus, BMW, Uber and Google’s Larry Page have all made their flying car concepts known and while this may be so, there’s still a long way to go with respect to the logistics involved with flying cars regulation.

Would you buy the $1.3m/1.5m Euros/500 million Naira flying car?

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