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African Consumers Resistance To E-Commerce And What Is Changing


African Consumers Resistance To E-Commerce And What Is Changing

There has been an exponential change over the last few years in the way people shop online. People have moved from having a building or offline store to an online store to meet a better audience. Also, many stores have now moved online since it’s a cheaper way of making extra money. There is no building cost; the whole building of the store is online. But even with this seemingly easier route with online stores, it has its challenges, especially in Africa. Africa has one of the fastest-growing economies, but their embrace of eCommerce has been less than encouraging over the years. Times are changing, and there are now new ways that ensure the growth of eCommerce in Africa.

Safe And Secure Payment Methods

Throughout the years, Africans have found it hard to trust the means of online payment. They have had issues with trusting that their payment details are safe after inputting them online. Thereby causing a decline in Africans’ orders, but through a DSS certified payment service provider, customers can be sure of their payment details’ safety. This payment service provider meets high-security demands and also keeps the customer’s information secure and safe.

The customer should also know about these service providers, the cause of security breaches, and how the payment service providers secure the sites online. This builds a deeper level of trust in the customers, to the extent that they are more willing to put their details out there on a secure site, and are willing to patronize more. In other words, as a study conducted, it is crucial that customers have awareness about privacy and security risk for online shopping, as they will be better prepared for not being a victim of certain online scams. The researchers found out that the main factors affecting online shopping are: financial and the product factor, convenience, return policy, and cultural differences, among others.


Direct Payment In Cash

Online payment is all about trust and having faith in the customer’s service to deliver the payment. A lot of customers still don’t believe they would get their intended service after payment. They prefer to pay directly in cash after receiving their services. A lot of times, people tend to reject these services at the delivery point. Most Africans are familiar with cash, but the cash on delivery method might be quite expensive and risky. One would have to hire a delivery driver, who is most likely to be a victim of theft after the payment for services.

Giving incentives and bonuses are now used to attract customers to encourage online payment. There could be percentages off when customers pay online, and there should be a level of assurance of customer security for online payment details. Ultimately, if there are found ways to make online shopping more secure, then this will increase the use of electronic commerce.

Having The Right eCommerce Page

A company’s eCommerce page is like a physical building with a home page likened to its exterior. An eCommerce company’s page is an essential part of the business. It’s the store customers waltz into and buy. It should be attractive, simple, responsive, organized, and even the goods displayed should be displayed well. The better the experience, the more consumers stay on the site, and the better they buy. For this, you need a professional web development company. These companies develop your website traditionally. They work on security breaches, your store’s outlook, and translate every feature that makes a physical store successful in the e-commerce language. They work on your SEO audit, page design, copy, template, and in total, provide an eCommerce store that serves the same and more function as a physical store.

Remember, the customer’s experience determines if they would buy. Make their experience the best you can offer them.


Fragmented Markets and Delivery Logistics

In Africa, each country has a different culture, population, economics, and market politics. All these require specific demand that accounts for the opening of e-commerce companies particular to each country, leading to reproduction and duplication of resources. Cross border payments, tariffs, and taxes in meeting the legal requirements of countries’ market politics and policies have made it difficult for eCommerce companies to operate outside their countries. Direct payments online help consumers pay from ranges of payment services that suit each customer and solve multi-currency. The introduction of free trade zones solves fragmented markets as consumers can shop in those zones without extra charges.

A lot of roads in Africa are bad, and this hinders the delivery of services. Some of these can be solved using drones like those used in Rwanda to deliver blood in the hilly country.


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This disclaimer informs you our dear reader that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this article belong solely to the author, and not necessarily of TechBooky or anyone who works at TechBooky.

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