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Afrocet Montgomery Is Organising A Summit That Will Tackle Cyber Threats And IT Risk


The West African Cybersecurity Summit is slated to take place on March 21, 2018, in Lagos. As you know, the issue with cybersecurity is the greatest threat that the world has to contend with. With an absence of policies in place to prevent victims and persecute perpetrators, one can only imagine the pace at which this problem has soured in Nigeria.

The summit is set to educate government officials and business owners to learn preventive measure to tackle the menace. Afrocet Montgomery, one of the organisers of the summit opine that Nigeria is one of the fastest growing cybersecurity economies worldwide, which explains why the Summit will take place in Lagos, Nigeria.

Securex West Africa has been saddled with the responsibility to lecture the guests at the summit, some of which includes training on essential market developments, cutting-edge technology, key trends and diverse ways to address risks and threats in the technology world. Securex opines that poverty is a factor that immensely contributes to the growing rate of security threats.  ‘The increase has driven the market demand for cybersecurity solutions in recent years with Nigeria at the epicentre of it all’, the company said.

Cyber threats can come in different forms. Most importantly, a cyber-threat leverages on the infrastructure in place to exploit the vulnerability of its victims- individuals or organisations, with the aim of damaging a firm’s reputation, influencing governmental outcomes or stealing information which is very destructive to infrastructure and economies. If the attacker is able to penetrate, they can assume control over the payment system, industrial control system and the company’s intellectual property.

Regardless of these, every individual and organisation who depends on technology is vulnerable to an attack.

Attacks can be in form of a malware, ransomware, application attacks or any other kind. Therefore, the organisations need an adequate training on how to guard their properties and keep them at all cost. However, they have no idea of the enemies they are contending with and when or how, they are likely to launch an attack.

It is against this backdrop that the Securex will host the training sessions which will strengthen their previous efficiency and skills to promote the best practices in tackling cyber threats. With the acquired strategies and processes, the knowledge to identify a possible attack will be distributed across the system. Without the knowledge of the strategies and methodologies of the adversaries, they will be taken aback and will continuously be at the mercy of their attackers.

Recent reports on cybercrime in Nigeria revealed that the country loses 0.8% of the overall GDP, which was evaluated at N127b. Hence, the need to equip the soldiers for war in the upcoming summit which will have in attendance, 150 senior cybersecurity representatives from both public and private sectors in the technology industry.

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