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4 Data Science & AI Startups To Keep Track Of In 2021



Starting a business in today’s world is not a big challenge. Thanks to advanced technology, people can start a business from the comfort of their room. However, that doesn’t mean the first-time entrepreneurs should not act responsibly. There are many things they should know before deciding on that move. Things like ensuring adequate funding, evaluating strengths and weaknesses are challenging processes.

On the other hand, many industries around the world seem attractive. One of the fields that generate massive popularity is the global data science market. That is probably the reason why, according to Glassdoor, the data scientist profession is the second-best job in the United States.

The reasons why the number of data science & AI startups is growing are simple. The services they offer can help companies from all the fields in different ways. Before everything, they can help businesses reduce the costs. Despite that, they can help entrepreneurs improve customer experience and generate customer insights.

It is hard to determine what exactly people can expect from data science in 2021. However, they can potentially get answers by knowing the Data Science & AI startups to keep track of in 2021. The services these companies offer, as well as the way how they work, will probably inspire many people to start their private business in that field. Despite that, the data scientists can also check out which skills and knowledge they need to have. With proper knowledge improvement, they will manage to find appropriate jobs. Let’s find out those companies together.


Dataiku is a company that works for around eight years in the data science market field. However, their improvement occurred in 2014 when they announced the data science studio for the first time. The company developed predictive modelling software for all the business applications. Their products are also available for free. However, there is also an enterprise version that brings more benefits to the businesses.

The goal of the company is to connect data scientists, engineers, and analysts, and allow them to create self-service analytics. They know how essential good quality teamwork collaboration is for the effectiveness of businesses. Three different professions can collaborate and work on machine learning operations while following the same analytics.

Professional data science & AI companies always collaborate with some big enterprises. In this case, the main clients of Dataiku are companies like Comcast, General Electric, and Unilever.


The United States is the place where people can find many data science and AI startups. However, Anodot, a company that works since 2014, is one of those that deserve people’s attention. It was also one of the companies that deserved to be on Forbes’ “Top 25 Machine Learning Startups in 2020” list.

A startup designed a platform that works thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Thanks to the platform’s features, entrepreneurs can use reliable techniques to analyse all the business parameters. By analysing these parameters, they will manage to make better decisions for long-term success. They will also get real-time alerts when some changes occur. The platform uses structured metrics data to make proper alerts.

Frame AI

It is correct that the company exists for only five years. However, for that period, it managed to develop an effective messaging platform. Businesses (their clients) use it to improve all the business conversations companies make with customers. The system of the app uses customer feedback as an operational tool. In that way, the entrepreneurs get a clear list of data-driven CX priorities.

To make things clear, with natural language understanding, the platform allows businesses to understand the customer’s demands properly on different marketing channels. After receiving the feedback, review, or anything else, companies can react instantly. The goal of the CX team is to identify the reasons why customers decide on some outcome. In that way, they help businesses realize which things work and don’t work.

The way how businesses communicate through different channels with their customers needs to be different. For instance, content on Facebook is different from the one businesses share on their website, blog, Instagram, etc. Companies can, for instance, share stories and talk about trending topics on their Facebook pages. By using the platform that Frame AI offers, they will know exactly which type of content works or not. In that way, they can instantly change their content strategy and focus on things that bring them results.

Hector Johnson, the tech writer, and business communication expert at Get Good Grade said “Businesses often communicate the same way with customers in different platforms. In the meantime, they do not focus too much on the feedback they receive from the customers. That is the reason why they often do not write valuable content, pieces of information, and other things that their customers need.” Fortunately, companies like Frame Ai can help businesses change that bad habit.

Viz Ai

As we said, it is hard to predict what will happen with data science. However, it would be good to get back to 2020 for a second. The previous year was specific for all the industries including the data science field. The trends were different, and they were all somehow connected with the pandemic. It seems that Viz Ai understood the demands businesses and individuals have.

In April 2020, the company released the so-called Viz Covid-19 Patiante Triage Software. Thanks to the features of the software, the hospital workplace has become a safer place during the pandemic. All the medical workers managed to improve their patient management without exposing their patients to any risk.

Of course, that is not the only way how Viz Ai helped the entire community. Since 2016, the startup leverages advanced deep learning. In that way, they made the exchange of time-sensitive information more effective. Thanks to the services this startup offers, the specialist will get the information about stroke patients more promptly.

Final Thought

Becoming a successful data science & AI business owner has become less challenging. Of course, it requires extra work, knowledge, and effort. The good thing is that we live in the 21st century. Technology is everywhere around us, and it transformed our lives in many ways. People need to learn how to use the tools that can make their work more effective. Almost everything they do has become measurable. With that in mind, becoming a successful data scientist no longer seems impossible.

These four companies are a great example of how startups should function in 2021. It is essential to hear the requirements and expectations businesses and individuals have. If a person possesses the necessary knowledge and skills, it won’t be a problem to offer a solution to all the problems.




Dorian Martin is a content writer specialist with years of experience in the writing industry. For many years, he offers services of academic writing to college and university students. Thanks to his working experience, he manages to help students boost their writing skills and get familiar with different advanced fields. The data science & Artificial Intelligence industry is only one of them.

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