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Artificial Intelligence Threat Worse Than North Korea – Elon Musk


It’s been less than thirty days since Tesla CEO Elon Musk sounded the alarm bells on artificial intelligence and the effects it would have on the human race. He called for a government regulation and even had a public spat with Facebook CEO on the issue. While Mark Zuckerberg thinks AI is good for us and should be left untouched, Musk says he disagrees with him and even went as far to say Zuckerberg’s knowledge of the issue is limited.

On Friday though, he went as far as saying artificial intelligence poses a greater risk than North Korea (which is threatening to start a nuclear war with the US). He said we should be concerned about the rise of machines who could eventually not render us useless economically but kill us. He wants a government regulation on the interaction between machines and man which he thinks could salvage the situation.

But this warning comes from the founder of OpenAI whose system recently defeated the best gamer in a competition after just two weeks of practise which is why he tweeted a picture saying, “In the end, the machines will win.” This means that if they have started winning in games, they will definitely win at other tasks which would render us useless eventually. OpenAI is a non-profit institution that promotes the safe development of AI but we don’t know exactly what safe means. Whatever it means though, Elon Musk is not alone on this, he has a partner in Stephen Hawking who says machines will end the human race. Come to think of it, they are already helping us drive cars, fly planes, manufacture what we need, treat us medically, handle legal matters and  even satisfy us sexually.

Artificial intelligence is in essence going to take all our jobs at some point and it looks like there’s little we can do about it. Ideas have been coming up on how best to prepare for this machine era and while some like Bill Gates thinks we should tax the robots, others like Elon Musk says government should simply step up and regulate it.

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