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Airpods To Be Available In Apple Retail Stores From Tomorrow


Airpods will go on sale from tomorrow the 19th of December, 2016. A retail source told MacRumors that Apple is informing stores of this even though there has been speculations about whether the Airpods would go on sale this week.

The Airpods first went on sale on the 13th of this month but supply was limited. “Customers who were lucky enough to be able to place an AirPods order right when they became available will start to receive shipments this week, but for those who weren’t able to make an order, in store purchase will be the only option for getting AirPods in time for the holidays. Apple has already started charging credit cards and shipments have already started going out in Australia ahead of December 19 delivery dates.”

Airpods which is a   wireless headphone can be paired with the iPhone 7 faster than connecting through Bluetooth. In addition to this, there’s an infrared feature that detects when they are plugged in a user’s ears which automatically stops audio once taken off. In Apple’s words, the new Airpods feature the new Apple W1 chip, AirPods have extremely efficient wireless communication for a better connection, improved sound and industry-leading battery life. AirPods harness the power of Siri, allowing you to access your favorite personal assistant with just a double tap.

Airpods start from $159/76,800 Naira

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