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Airtel Nigeria Offers 60GB “Free Data” For Six Months To Its Post-paid Customers.


Airtel is out offering some impressive data plans to its subscribers. The third biggest telecom company in Nigeria by subscribers offered its post-paid customers 30GB for three months , if you missed that offer don’t miss this because this is even bigger and better and the has promised to extend the offer to  60GB data for six months.

The company announced that this data offer is strictly for post-paid users and they can only access the free data once they download and install Airtel TV app. Once downloaded, the data will credited with 10GB per month for six months making a total of 60Gb. The company added that this would be activated within 24 hours of installation.

How to access the data plan

The free 60GB data can only be made available through the download of the “My Airtel TV App” and while the offer is for users on post-paid plan to download, other customers who are not on the plan can migrate and download the requested app from the iOS store or Google play store.

How to claim the free data on the App

Once the ‘My Airtel TV App’ has been downloaded and installed successful, next thing is for the user to open the app, once opened a banner advert will pop up showing ‘claim free data’. Click on the banner and slowly read and follow all instructions to get the free 60GB data then wait for 24 hours for the user’s account to be credited with the data.

This new offer which was same as the last 30GB offer that also required the user to download same ‘My Airtel TV’ app but lasted for three months also had the user account credited 10GB every month on their post-paid Airtel account but that offer was an extension of the company holiday offer that rolled out in April and ended in July.

Airtel has decided to extend same offer that was earlier rolled  out in order to enable more downloads on their newly launched App ‘ My Airtel TV’ but this time with a different offer to get a much larger audience while the offer lasts.

If you are an Airtel subscriber and on a post-paid account, to enjoy this offer is very simple all you have to do is download, setup and browse away.

That said, Airtel is not particularly new to the content streaming. Back in 2015, they announced a music subscription service, Wynk; a service that allows users listen to music even when they don’t have data. Since then though, there’s little data to support claims that the service is doing just fine.  Video streaming on the other hand is different in that if you have the right demographics and industry partnerships, you could get people to pay for your services. Airtel has an advantage here and this is that it is an internet service provider which means that besides the financial muscle to attract content (exclusive or not),it also has the critical streaming component of internet service. 

Once its millions of subscribers buy into its post-paid plan, it means it can convert these people into loyal paying customers by allowing them stream movies using the “free” data it offers them.

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