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Amazon Echo Plus Vs. Amazon Tap: In Depth Review


With so many smart devices on the market, it can be difficult — and overwhelming — to There is so much options for gadget users available in the tech marketplace. This can make some buyers feel overwhelmed, even in picking a specific brand, such as the Amazon products. The highly marketed virtual assistant Alexa is being featured on five devices: Amazon Echo Plus, Amazon Tap, Amazon Dot, Amazon Look, and Amazon Echo Show. They have the same functionality, with contrasting differences depending on the preference of any user. In this post, a comparison between the Amazon Echo Plus and Amazon Tap is made. Whether you prefer a virtual assistant device, or just a smart speaker for your music, then this comparison might be something you want to look into. Read further to find out more.

                                                               Echo is considered more of an assistant device

Sound System

Amazon Tap is functioning with a portable Bluetooth speaker, and Echo is labeled as a virtual assistance device. This difference is noted when we look at the sound system between both of the devices. Amazon Tap is feature dual-stereo speakers along with Dolby surround system, making you hear sound in all directions.

In contrast, the Amazon Echo Plus has a multi-directional audio but has a speaker that is angled downwards. Amazon Echo does not feature a much prominent pick-up of bass sounds as compared to the Amazon Tap. We can also see the difference since Amazon Tap was later released and is meant to be a smart speaker device compared to the Amazon Echo Plus.

Amazon Tap and Amazon Echo Plus can both be integrated to stream music via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as access apps such as Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon Music. They both have equal footing when it comes to music streaming functionality. However, the Amazon Tap has a 3.5mm audio jack, which the Amazon Echo Plus lacks, giving the Amazon Tap a higher advantage to music accessibility.

                                                              Tap functions more like a smart home speaker



Alexa is accessible through the use of Wi-Fi or a smartphone app on both devices. However, the Amazon Tap can be used to tap and ask without the need for your voice command starting with “Alexa”. You can also customize your Amazon Tap in the “settings” option and choose hands-free. However, this can reduce battery in a speedy amount of time. Amazon Tap can last for 9-10 hours with a single charge and full usage.

The difference with the Amazon Tap and Amazon Echo Plus in this area is the ability of the Echo Plus to access Alexa even without a Wi-Fi connection. Since Echo Plus needs to be plugged to stay in power, it will remain to have constant internet connection. Echo is solely hands-free as well.

Amazon Echo Plus can also make phone calls without having the need to have your phone in hand. Once your Echo Plus is synchronized, Alexa can make phone calls, or let you know that there is an incoming call. You can command Alexa to skip the phone call or to answer. The Amazon Tap does not have this feature at present.


The prices of Amazon Echo Plus and Amazon Tap are $150 and $180, respectively. The $30 is not much of a difference and it all depends on what you are looking for in your Amazon device. The Amazon Echo Plus is built as a virtual home assistant, and the Amazon Tap is more of a highly functional speaker with virtual assistance as an accessory.


Your choice depends on what you really need for an Amazon device. If you are looking for a higher integration of your light and appliance systems at home, then the Amazon Echo Plus will be a better choice. If you are looking for a good sound system that has an intelligent system, then Amazon Tap should be your preference.

Author info

Ian Andrews Leaf is a successful entrepreneur and blogger who is passionate about technology. He has shown tremendous interest in making reviews about newly released gadgets, devices and all other tech-related news.

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