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Amazon Prime Day Is Happening On The 11th And Its Set To Give Black Friday A Run


Are you a prime member on Amazon? It’s about that time of the year when you can have a shopping spree for extremely low costs. If you ever shopped on Black Friday, then you need to try out Amazon, America’s biggest shopping online site.  However, the shopping site requires you to be a member of Prime day before you can benefit from the deals it will offer. Membership costs $10.99 per month or $99 per annum.

The site referred to it as “an epic day of deals”. Here are some of the great benefits for eligible shoppers: free two day shipping for eligible purchases, unlimited streaming of videos (movies and TV shows), unlimited reading, unlimited photo storage, early access to lighting deals and have delivery same day in certain designated areas.

Prime day is a one- day global shopping event, exclusive for prime members and is set to take place on July 11. It will be a 30 hour online shopping spree with discounted prices. Sales are set to resume at 6pm on Monday till 12 midnight the following day, giving consumers ample time to peruse through the various options of items.

Prime day was introduced in May 2015 to give Black Friday a run but this wasn’t successful as many sellers ran out of stock but the following year, there seemed to be a rebrand as 2016 Prime day sales recorded a successful shopping experience with sellers and buyers. The event turned out to be a huge hit which has led to the firm’s unprecedented growth since then. In fact, there was a massive record of sales which included: 90,000 TVs, 2,000,000 toys, 200,000 headphones, 14,000 Lenovo laptops, among other numerous items.

Notably, some  of the prices are equal to those of Black Friday’s or even higher.  A review in blackfriday.com showed that a larger percentage of deals during prime day in 2015 and 2016 outweighed that of Black Friday. In 2015, 64% of Prime day deals were better. In 2017, the percentage rose to 77 percent. There was a 10% tie between both shopping sites in both years.

This does not mean that Amazon has succeeded in making Black Friday redundant because compared to its competitor, Amazon can not be considered a better shopping site in terms of price and selection but it has a brand that many consumers want to associate with. Also, the prime membership deal offered by Amazon is a strategy that the shopping site has used to its advantage.

If you are yet to be a member of Amazon Prime and you wish to enjoy the mind blowing membership benefits, there is a good news. You can sign up for a free 30- day trial membership so you can be eligible to participate in the shopping spree and enjoy the benefits of membership and cancel the order when the trial ends without paying a dime!

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