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Amazon Digitally Shaved Its Moustache-Like App Icon After Feedback


The new app icon Amazon debuted on January 2021 has been slightly tweaked again with noticeable changes. Still, Amazon’s strip of tape was maintained in its new app icon, which looks like a beard style dubbed “the toothbrush moustache, as-well-as its significant pointy smile.

According to Amazon’s user-base feedback on its new icon look, they silently tweaked — the new icon still has the moustache resemblance but looks less like Hitler (the German Nazi dictator that made the beard-like moustache famous). Aside from Adolf Hitler, other respectable comic characters such as Oliver Hardy and Charlie Chaplin are the pioneers to popularize the toothbrush moustache back in the 19th century.

Amazon’s spokesman noted that the company took heed to the feedback they got from their customers. The feedbacks were centred on the initial app icon they released to a few proportions of users. Afterward, they rolled out the new design worldwide based on positive comments from their user-base.

“Amazon is always exploring new ways to delight our customers. We designed the new icon to spark anticipation, excitement, and joy when customers start their shopping journey on their phone, just as they do when they see our boxes on their doorstep,” Amazon spokesman commented.

In contrast to other tech companies that recently made irrelevant tweaks to their products — Gmail silently added Apple labels that contain information with fewer facts. Amazon’s tweaked app icon is quite reasonable — the logo portrays the e-commerce company code of business conduct.

The typical design displays Amazon’s delivery packages with an endless smiling mouth. While the blue tape above the swooping A-to-Z-like arrow had a slight tonsured trim that makes it less funny than the old Nazi dictator.

According to the e-commerce company, the new icon significantly swapped the blue tapes that portray the Hitler type of beard style with the two-toned pieces of folded tapes that are presumed to be the joy of customers tearing open an Amazon delivery package with a smile.

Unlike other types of designers that simply add a logo on a white background, Amazon’s team of designers practically shaved their moustache like app icons digitally, in context with the controversial Hitler-like type of moustache.

Meanwhile, the new design happens to get good feedback from Amazon’s user-base — the two-toned folded tape makes the icon look like “the Last Airbender, Avatar Aang.”

According to a tweet: “I know the new amazon app icon is supposed to represent their packages but every time I see it I just see Aang from Avatar smiling at me lololol.”

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