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“RIP Twitter” Trends As Twitter Announces Super Follows Which Allows Payment For Premium Posts #Twitterhttps://t.co/2eqoJ2YRTH
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Amazon Unveils Its Newly AI-powered Camera Technology For Its Delivery Vehicles

Amazon is set to improve the competence of their branded delivery vans with AI powered video cameras. Amazon intends to channel the video camera software to promote road safety within the roads their drivers ply — Amazon installing the artificial intelligence software intends to secure driver safety as-well-as giving their staffs better treatment.

The world’s biggest e-commerce company had also received criticism from its user-base and Amazon’s drivers — they claim that the new improvement by Amazon will intrude on their privacy.

Amazon drivers mentioned their hectic delivery target — the AI-powered video camera will not stop reckless driving from meeting up with delivery targets.

A concerned driver said “If they wanna give us 180-200 stop routes every day, that’s fine; they can do that. They have to understand that not a single person is driving to protocol when we complete those routes. I’m usually a stickler for road rules, and even I cut corners while driving on my route because I have to. You’ve got to adapt.”

According to a technology publication that revealed pieces of information about the newly AI video camera by the world’s famous e-commerce company to promote safety and staff care.

Amazon spokesperson also listed series of information related to their latest developments in delivering goods in several communities to promote safety with a shared video on the internet.

The world’s biggest e-commerce company also noted that the camera was manufactured by Netradyne (a transportation technology company).

The e-commerce company is also aware of the remarks they got from their driver. Nonetheless, Amazon is more concerned about consistent developmental growth, just as they recently accomplished the $100 billion sales record for the first time. The e-commerce company is quite assured that their drivers will get used to the new technology installed on their delivery vans that updates the driver about managing the speed limit. It makes the driver concentrate as-well, among other beneficial attributes related to the newly AI-powered cameras.

Amazon’s senior manager “for last-mile safety,” Karolina Haraldsdottir, noted that the new upgrade is intended to improve driver’s behavior with accessing the roads while delivering and to reduce the potential occurrence of accidents.

Karolina said “Our intention with this technology is to set up drivers for success and provide them with support for being safer on-road and handling incidents if and when they happen,” she is also the spokesperson representing the e-commerce company.

She also noted that Amazon has been investigating previous accidents initiated by their delivery drivers, and it needs to be controlled.

Karolina Haraldsdottir also noted that the new technology would regularly record the driver’s happenings. The delivery vehicle — will only upload recorded footage if the driver follows other vehicles too closely, applying hard brakes, delivery vehicles colliding with another, or a drowsy driver on the motion.

However, the world-famous e-commerce company is yet to address the press about its newly installed AI-powered camera technology by Netradyne.

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