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We Have Leaks Of The Upcoming Android 12 OS Which May Launch Later This Year


Leaked functionalities and photos  of the Android 12

A new version of the Android 12 mobile OS has been released by a foundation of developers, XDA Developers. In line with what used to be confidential documents owned by Google, XDA leaked a screenshot of the assumed Android 12 user interface that denotes profound changes compared to its previous version, which beats its users’ expectations.

In contrast to iOS’s privacy feature, Apple released in 2020; the latest Android 12 OS also featured modified privacy that has been a work in progress since they launched the previous Android 10 Q version.

XDA Developers published updates about the latest Android 12 mobile OS. Still, they did not ratify the assumed screenshots’ originality that displays the latest Android mobile OS’s user interface, which is why it’s still considered a prototype. The foundation of developers responsible for the leak shared the details of Google’s confidential documents, respectively, to the information’s nature.


What the Android 12 interface could look like eventually

Conforming to information derived from other sources and that of XDA’s, Techbooky can ratify the highlighted features the software developers shared, which is still considered a prototype intended as upcoming features reserved by Google. Although XDA’s information is legitimate due to its source, documents Google planned to publish for the future.

According to XDA, Android 12 UI is powered by its defined theme that depicts a pale sandy fawn color; hopefully, the Android OS Developers are expected to release a modified version of the assumed leaked Android 12 mobile OS.

Traditionally, the Android setup is designed to operate with transparency — regulators demand tech companies be transparent with business dealings. Based on transparency, Android 12 notification is classified into specified diverse priority-based category in line with the autonomous applications.

Aside from the new rounded corners, the latest Android OS has been graphically improved — the icons of the quick settings are more extensive, which explains why the tiles’ number has been reduced to four. While dragging down the four tiled notification bar, users expect adjusted quick settings with more than four tiles.

You can also note the privacy indicator, a vital feature expected to debut the new Android OS. In contrast to iOS’s Privacy indicator, which exhibits similar functionalities and color, Google’s version of the same feature is expected to be handier. Twitter shares went up in the late trading Tuesday. The company’s fourth quarter revenue and figure for adjusted profit beat Wall Street’s forecast. Twitter stock went up 3.3% in afterhours trading.

Over time, Google had plans to develop its privacy indicator since the previous versions of the Android OS, Android Q, including the Android 10 GSI that had it only in its prototype version. However, iOS privacy only indicates a dot that comprises a camera and a microphone. On Google’s performance, both of the icons are visible at the top corner of the screen.  

According to the screenshotted images above, Google’s privacy indicator only collapses on certain conditions. The indicator is preserved to show listed apps that discreetly access the mobile microphone and camera without the gadget user’s consent.

The privacy indicator can also be regarded as a “quick setting,” consisting of a camera, microphone, and location. The “advanced” option included in its settings allows a user to choose apps that can access its quick features.

These privacy indicator settings are not hideously like the typical setting but can be easily accessed by tapping on it, the trimmed-down menu.


It is evident that Google added changes to its OS in terms of its modified widgets — the “conversational widgets” are a new feature designed to autonomously from the typical notification section, which started in the previous OS, Android 11. The widget displays personal information such as activity statuses, recent messages, birthday notifications, and missed calls.

Additionally, the analogy that included Facebook’s iconography denotes that the social platform has improved its bubble-like notification. Conforming to that data XDA released has been polarising the internet. Google is expected to include its adjusted features when releasing Android 12 OS.

However, Google’s recent upgrades require considering its rivals in the industry, such as OneUI and iOS. Tech companies have reportedly been working on its privacy feature for years, although iOS uses the privacy indicator for a while now. The design methods used by these software developers are reported to have similarities in resemblance and content.

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