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Android Guidelines To Building Quality Mobile Apps


As now human lives have relied on mobile applications, and for our daily lives requirement also we are dependent on our smartphones. In the same way, business success has also relied on enterprise mobile applications. For long-term success, organizations have to pay attention to the various other factors, including installs, ratings, and reviews.

To achieve long-term business success, customers demand high-quality Android apps. Now, companies demand Android apps that can attract users’ attention and can generate leads. Before publishing the apps various factors determine success on the Play Store. To meet the Android standards, hire Android developer who is well versed and proficient with the Android guidelines.

Android Guidelines for Android App Development

Android App Design

In Android mobile applications, designing plays a vital role. Standard designs help to increase user experience. Engineer designers have to develop the design while focusing on UI/UX components.

Guide for Design

  • Don’t add unwanted stuff to the design.
  • Avoid bright colors and a huge texture.
  • Try to make the design very simple.
  • To meet with the standard UI behavior, effectively place the icons.
  • Place icons smartly, it should not confuse users.
  • Use high HD Quality images.
  • Focus on UI elements such as text and graphics.
  • No improper words should be wrapped.

Proper Functionality

In Android mobile applications, functionality is an attribute that can’t be ignored or overlooked. Lack of functionality can lead to the frustration of the users forcing users to leave the app. Android programmers have to build the app based on user behavior with the appropriate level of permissions to fulfill the security concerns.

The functionality of Modern Android Mobile Applications


  • Android apps should be built in such a way that they should get permission from users to access other apps on the mobile phone.
  • Mobile Applications should not ask for permission to access sensitive data including contacts, logs or other services.
  • Audio should not be played in the lock screen until and unless the core feature is not enabled.
  • While accessing the home screen nothing should be in the functional mode in the app.
  • Android mobile applications should support both landscape and portrait orientations.
  • Try to add a touch of advanced functionality to the app by offering the app in the same state.


Stable and High Performance

Android applications should be highly stable. Apps should not crash or users should not close it forcefully or freeze. Along with this, lack of interest can lead the user to lose interest in the fast pace of lives, users demand the apps that respond immediately with a single click.

  • Android mobile apps should not take a long time to load the app on the platforms.
  • Apps should not be frozen or load slowly due to heavy animation, content (images and video) or large files.
  • Support the latest version of the mobile applications.
  • Build an app with upgraded SDK.
  • Support power management features, users should face any difficulty in battery usage.
  • Multimedia content should run smoothly in the apps.
  • UI elements should load faster. Users should not experience any distractions in business-based apps.
  • Should have sufficient space between text and image.


Secure Android mobile apps are in demand among users. Along with this, developers should follow the Google Play Store User Data Policies to protect users’ privacy. Following Google Play guidelines also leads to the successful development process.

  • Upgrade the features constantly
  • Try to not store caches and cookies
  • Execute cryptographic keys
  • If the user allows the app to access the gallery, so make sure the data app should have the ability to secure data


If you want to grab the successful app and avoid future failure develop the app according to the Android official guidelines which will help you to stay ahead in the market.

Author Bio:

Albert Smith is Digital Marketing Manager at Hidden Brains, a leading web & mobile app development company specializing in mobile & web applications, IoT, Cloud and Big Data services. He provides innovative ways to help tech companies, startups and large enterprises build their brand.

Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/albertsmith007/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AlbertSmithHB

Website:  https://www.hiddenbrains.com/

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