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Android Nougat Is The Latest Of The Android Series And This LG Phone Will Be Its First


The next version of Android will launch early this month and has been code named Nougat. By now you must know that Google is fond of naming its Android versions after desserts hence names like doughnut, ice cream Sandwich, Kit Kat, Honeycomb, Lollipop and Marshmallow. Google had announced the developer version of the OS back in March thereby breaking its old time tradition of making such announcements at its annual I/O developers conference which held in May this year. Usually when such Android versions are announced, then a Nexus model launch is imminent but today Engadget reported that the LG V20 smartphone will be the first to get the Android 7.0 Nougat. The phone according to them will have dual-screen, dual-selfie camera features like its predecessor the V10. Breaking the tradition, it means a Nexus will come after the LG phone is launched in September.

There are reports that we might start seeing Nougat as early as 5th of this month which is just four days away from today. The last of the developer preview series was rolled out last month and so its not surprising to know that Nougat will soon be with us.

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