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Google Launches Android Oreo (Go edition) For Low-End Phones


In view of making computing readily available to a wider range of people, Google promised to embark on a project that would enable low-end phone access the internet. A couple of hours ago, it announced on its website that Android Oreo (Go edition) is now ready and will be launching as part of the Android 8.1 is scheduled to be released in less than 24 hours.

This version is specifically designed to run on phones with 512MB to 1GB of memory and especially to users who are new to technology.  It is designed with an operating system which is proven to have a faster performance, Google Apps which allow for a wide range of relevant and specific needs to be in use and Google Play Store which allows a user to download an app of their choice.

          Apps before Android Oreo Go edition

However, since this version is specially for new users of technology, it has a little storage space, which could be quite frustrating for users who may attempt to download much music and store relevant data in their devices. Also, not all apps are likely to work with the Android Oreo.

More so, the Android Oreo (Go edition) comes with a default data sever features which can save more than 600MB of data yearly and also provides a liberty to determine your data consumption by choosing which apps run in the background. This feature appeals to me the most. The least an android phone will do is freeze apps that haven’t been in use for a stipulated period of time. In some other android phones, all the apps run at the same time, leaving the user with no control over their data consumption.

At the moment, Android Oreo is reputed to be ‘the most secure version of Android’. This means that when you purchase an android Oreo, your device is fully protected and the default Google Play Protect provides protection for your data, device, and apps. ‘It scans your app installs, even when you’re offline, no matter where you downloaded them from’, Sagar Kamdar, Director of Product Management, Android said on their official website today.

What excites me the most is the security-protection and the data-conservation feature. With the seamless activities of hackers or internet marauders, you can let your guard down. 

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