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The “Essential Phone” By Jude Rubin, Co-Founder Of Android Is An Alternative To Samsung And Apple


We cannot deny how the use of mobile phones has become part of our lives. Many people are addicted to their phones, although, there are no speculated health hazards connected to this issue, just yet. People take their phones with them to the loo, while the eat, while they watch TV, some are addicted to taking selfies and worse still, people have the tendency to peek through their phones every five minutes. Rubin agrees that he’s partly responsible for the anti-social behavior – he helped create Android which powers over 80% of the world’s smartphones. To help solve this addiction problem the Essential phone is working to make life easier and make quality phones less expensive.


The Essential phone (which was first teased back in March) which launched a few fays ago is set to make life easier and counter technology problems we have experienced with our mobile phones. Rubin in his blog says the device has “a limited number of preloaded apps and no duplicative device”. This is to counter the previous problem with technology where engineers scramble for excellence by producing similar innovations repeatedly. He said:


                                      Android co-founder and The Essential Phone initiator; Andy Rubin

Every year, like clockwork, manufacturers make design tweaks and launch new features and products that work well if you choose to stay in their eco system. You buy their phone, TV, speaker, and fridge with the promise of simplicity, but more and more often, this is a way to force loyalty.”

 Mr. Rubin said in his blog that the Essential phone is made of titanium and ceramic and although such materials do not come cheap owing to their quality, he has ensured that the gadget is not high priced but affordable. He noted that because phones are always with people, they are “susceptible to wear and tear as they get shoved into pockets, tossed in bags, dropped on desks and exposed to the elements”. In his words, “Premium materials and true craftsmanship shouldn’t be just for the few”.

 In an already saturated market, with Samsung and Apple at the forefront, the serial entrepreneur noted that “every saturated market needs a disruption”. Unlike the two gadget warlords’ there is no branding or logos anywhere around the device and no extra apps to cause a strain. This may be Essential’s way of leading a saturated market.

The tech guru proposes that “technology shouldn’t become outdated every year” and that “they should evolve with you”.  To counter this “unhealthy” rivalry, the Essential phone guarantees Android OS updates for 2years and monthly security updates for 3 years to prevent hacking and keep you updated with the latest features.

Another distinctive feature which may drive you crazy is the “dual camera system in Essential with richer color and monochrome sensors to create a photograph with richer color and clarity, even in low light situations”.  People take picture day to keep memories alive, share with friends and post on social media for fans to see. With the 360 degree camera, you can capture the world around you without worrying about the quality. Snapchat lovers, this is for you!

Thre Essential Phone

In the new future, his team will make the new software, Ambient OS, bringing artificial intelligence to life. These advances will show up in Essentials second device, a circular home device. This OS is designed to help you understand your daily routine. For instance, it can sense that things are off when they are supposed to be on or when something isn’t working as it should.

Talk is cheap, until we see the action. The CEO and founder of the Essential device announced recently in his blog that the essential phone is now available on essential.com, Sprint, Amazon and Best Buy with a starting price of $699/260,000 Naira.

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