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The Animated Video Production Process In 7 Steps – Complete guide


Animated videos are not only able to hold the attention of the viewers but also entertain them. Generally, the animated format’s messages remain in the human mind for a more extended period. Due to this reason, animated videos are made for advertising, educating, and even filmmaking. 

If you are interested in animation and want to make a video clip or a film, all you need to do is follow the following steps. However, hiring the services of Video production companies can ease your work a lot.


Video Production Process in Easy ways

1.    Nourishing The Idea

The first step you need to do while planning for animated video production is setting an idea and nourishing it. The best you can do is write whatever you think about the message, the characters, and the backdrop.

While you nourish the idea for making an animated video, you automatically understand the deadline and budget that needs to be set. Furthermore, you get knowledge of the target audience. Even if you are making an animated video, the target mass might differ a lot. 


2.    Making the Script

After you have an idea, it is time for you to make a script. You can conceptually write down the script if you have the primary notes ready. Consider taking time while you make the script. It is where you can use your creativity and make your story more presentable. 

Once your script is ready, you can consider it as the primary execu8tion for the video production. If you are an inexperienced animator, try collaborating with an experienced scriptwriter as he can support you in terms of language and how factually or cinematically you can present a message that catches the eye of the audience. 


3.    Framing pictures

No matter if you are planning to make a 2D or 3D animation video, framing is one of the most important works you need to do. The proper frame adds spontaneity to the animated video. Moreover, it helps you to understand all the positive aspects of the script.

In case of making an amine video, consider yourself doing a storyboard. Inlining the writeup is something you need to while framing. In case you have a clear idea about anime cinematography, you can do the total execution of script framing within a few days. However, you should always try to go through the pictures several times and improve wherever it is necessary. 


4.    Setting The Background Music And Voice Over

Audio acts as a significant determinant of quality when it comes to an animated video clip. After the script and framing are ready, you should always give a good time developing the audio part. 

The audio part can be divided into two parts. They are background music and VoiceOver. You need to keep certain things in mind when it comes to these aspects.

  • For Background Music

The background music of an aminated video should match the essence of the story.

No animated film should have continuous musical pieces as it might distract the audience.

The folly sounds are needed to be added with care.

  • For Voice-Over

Choose the right voice-over artists or rely on video production companies to have their own set of VO artists.

Execute the VO recording process with care as your animated video clip’s quality can largely depend on it. 

To have a good grip on the whole process, you can consult with an experienced sound engineer. You can also hire a music director and have a regular follow-up. Make sure you sign-off the music and audio of your video clip properly. 


5.    Animation Video making and Editing

Making an animation video needs good cinematography and editing. You can complete the cinematography by taking the support of excellent animation software. The rest of the work can be done through video editing software. You can add a lot of special effects as needed. 

Even if you are making an animation film, try to keep it realistic. You can play with the video effects but do not make it absurd. Remember that absurdity often leads the audience to disinterest. 


6.    Mixing Audio 

After the video is ready, you can add the audio clips and execute proper mixing. While mixing the audio, check if the video is going in sync. It is one of the main things that you need to ensure in an animation film.

In case of any problem, consider going for the re-edit. As a director, you need to know your animation film in totality. The best you can do is watch the movie several; times before sending it for branding and promotion.


7.    Branding and Promotion

The last step that every aminated video has to go through is proper branding and promotion. You can collaborate with the video production company and promote your film to get an appropriate audience exposure.

If it is an advertisement, you can straightway shift to marketing after the final cut is ready. 


Final Words

As an animator, you need to keep the whole process of animated video making in mind. Naturally, you might not be doing the entire process, but you must suggest the right things to the concerned person if anything odd occurs. To be a good animator, you will need a lot of technical knowledge apart from a creative mind and an artistic hand. 



Author Bio

Akash Tripathi is a Content Marketing Manager at Top Mobile Tech. It is a blog where I cover all the tips & tricks related to Mobile and more related to tech. Stay connected to the rest of the world with Top Mobile Tech. We bring latest and critical news to your mobile and computer devices.

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